Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Nothing Much, Except for Vaeni, and General Musings on a Daily Basis

 Nothing much, not on the UFO Land of the Strange. 

Except that, I just started reading Jeremy Vaeni's new book: I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction.

Oh, still as always, deeply immersed in UFO Land, but sometimes, I don't have much to say about it. About myself while traveling the land, or what is going on within.

Am I jaded? Old? (well, yes on the latter, but that's no excuse.) Newly retired, you'd think I would do nothing but rant and rave and rail and rage against the light, or more like, dimming, of the goings on inside UFO World. But, I haven't been.

I've been more involved in my art and non-supernatural writing. Pretty creative there lately. 

But this does not mean that I don't care, or am no longer interested, in what goes on. Still, decades later, I think about what happened -- and what happened while I was "out" (missing time) etc. every day. Husband and I talk about this heady UFO stuff just about every day.

In the meantime, get yourself to reading, like Vaeni. Or anything. Something. So much out there! 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Little Syncrhonicities and Missing Items . . .

 Trivial. Not much, really. At all.


Yesterday, for some unknown reason to me, at least consciously, I was thinking of a certain local person who is immersed in the local witchy pagan magick stuff. SOOOoooo big time. Or, she likes to think. Myself, I think this person is rude, in many ways a phony, arrogant, and oh anyways. 

So I  am thinking of her, and wondering why I haven't come across her in social media intranets circles. Since social distancing and isolation, PLUS the fires here in Oregon (oh it's bad!) I have not been boing out at all. Just for the most necessary of errands. 

Then, suddenly, she appears in my social media thread. Out of nowhere. 

Also, silly things like: all kinds of trivial, mundane yet still unnerving coincidental things like: The Music Man. I was thinking of that, again for some unknown reason, and later in the day, my spouse asks me for the name of the musical starring Robert Preston (he was doing his crossword puzzle.) 

And, the very special I - can't- write- without- it mechanical pencil beloved spouse writes with, went missing a week or so ago. Just, gone. It was on his table by his chair, and  the, gone. We looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE, I TELL YOU! Truly. We picked up the recliner, swept, (we sweep every day) picked up cushions, etc. No pencil. This weird kind of disappearnce happens a lot in our house. 

For example, spouse had a lovely pair of wooden chopsticks a friend made. Great chopsticks! We took care with those. One day, one of them disappeared. Could not find the one anywhere. We looked all over; almost took the kitchen apart. Then, YEARS later, we found the missing chopstick. It was stuck on a cupboard shelf, in between a plastic three drawer thingie, and the side of the cupboard. Okay then.

So many more examples!

Back to the pencil. So today, after sweeping, etc. I went to pick up today's newspaper from the floor, and there, smack out in the open, was the pencil. Just sitting there as pretty as you please. Like, "Who, me? You were looking for me?" 

Monday, August 31, 2020

Tarot on Coast to Coast

 George Noory drives me insane with his pro-right views and lousy interview style, but yes, I do listen to C2C more often than not. I do have guest hosts I like: Connie Willis, George Knapp, for example. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, Sept. 1) one of his guests will be Theresa Reed who will discuss her adventures with the tarot. 

My favorite tarot card: The Fool.

Pig Brain: Elon Musk as Mad Scientist Billionaire

 Or trillion are, who knows. Point is, Elon Musk has too much money and is spending it in too many nefarious ways. Like this one, a clip from CNN showing Musk and his pig Gertrude, who has a chip in her brain.  All in the name of science so we can synch up with computers and our brains, or, something. 

I always have sad feelings when people do things like this with animals. (No, I don't eat pork.)

On its own, one might argue that this is a good thing for the future. Taken in the context of Musk's rich mad doings, it does cause one to stop and shiver a little in the slightly gloomy and dim light of one man's push for . . . what ever it is he's pushing for. 

Like his uber secret school:

Located in Southern California, the school is named Ad Astra, Latin for “to the stars.” However, the school’s details are somewhat shrouded in mystery. In an interview with Beijing Television in 2015, Musk said, “There aren’t any grades. It makes more sense to cater the education to match their aptitudes and abilities.” (source here.)

One of his children is named X AE A-12 Musk.  

Then there's his satellites:

The aim is to create a satellite network called Starlink. If Musk has his way, by 2025 no less than 11,943 of his satellites will circle the Earth, and if permission is granted, the ultimate result would be a staggering 42,000. This mind-boggling number must be compared to the 8,000 satellites sent into orbit since the Soviet Sputnik, of which 2,218 are still in operation. Why such outsized ambitions? To implement his dream of a “multiplanetary” society, and to fund it by providing all (solvent) Earthlings with high-speed Internet access. (source here)

The affect this will have on our environment is scary.

So no, not a fan of Musk. Yes, he's rich and certainly innovative but also a bit on the mad side. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Many Green Eyed Cat, Animal Spirit Oracles, and Mango

Mango, my cat.

Yesterday I rearranged my altar space. I realized my tarot decks, oracles, stones and crystals, and other magickal objects were scattered all over. Many in the room of doom, er, room of possibilities (thank you Karyn Dolan) that we are in the process of redoing. 

I set up a lovely but crowded table in the bedroom full of stones, etc. and underneath the table, a basket full of tarot decks. Next to the that, on the floor, a basket with my oracle decks, many of them animal oracles, like the Animal Spirits deck, Natives, Druid, etc. 

I had a strange dream last night:

I'm walking on a busy sidewalk; it has to do with the school but also, just people not connected to the School. Sort of a combination of school and grocery store. I see a beautiful kitten on the ground. It has the markings of a bengal cat (domestic) and also, like a cloud leopard. It is simply a stunningly beautiful animal! And it has the most brilliant green eyes! 

I worry though. Something seems wrong with the cat. It has trouble walking. (my cat Mango has trouble walking; he walks with a weird gait due to past injuries, including being attacked by a pit bull. Somehow, Mango managed to escape from the bastard's mouth.) I pick up the cat, so sweet! But am put off by what I notice: it has three eyes! The third eye is not in the third eye place, it's above it's left eye. Weird. Almost disgusting, but not quite. 

A veterinarian walks by. He says he will treat the cat for free, and, that the eyes are not a problem. It looks weird, he agrees, but nothing to worry about. It doesn't affect the cat's health or vision in any way. I look closer and see yet another eye just beginning to get larger above the third one! 

I try to get passers by to take the cat, but everyone says they don't have the time, or money, to get involved. So I end up with this cat, even though I wonder if it will survive.

Sometime during the night I heard a weird scrambling sound. Mango, my cat, usually sleeps on our bed. But this sound was coming from the closet area, and where the little altar table is. I found that Mango had managed to get himself into the basket I had full of animal oracles. (At least it wasn't the tarot cards.) He spent the whole night there. It didn't seem like it'd be comfortable; all those hard cardboard little boxes full of cards (a few in pouches) still, he seemed happy.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Question About Abduction Regression Leads To . . .

 I asked Lon Strickler yesterday if he knew if a certain psychic could do a regression on me regarding my missing time incident. He told me that this person doesn’t do that type of work. I’m not sure what prompted me to ask him that; it was a spontaneious moment. I replied that I do have a contact locally for someone that does that type of work, so I will contact them.

I told my spouse about this last night, as we were sitting on our porch, enjoying the early evening and nice breeze. Again, I’m not sure why I mentioned it.

Then last night, I had the following dream:

I’m in one of my recurring dream-scapes. This is the one where the elementary school is two stories, and I alwasy get lost. After assisting in the third grade classrooms upstairs, I am schedled to go downstairs to the second grade classroom. But I always hate this, becuae I always get lost. Other staff doesn’t get lost, why is it always just me? There are two staircases, and, elevators. One stairway, one elevator, takes you to the classrooms. The others . . . well, a dead end. And you can never find your way back in. 

No matter how hard I try to remember, write down directions, etc. I always get the wrong one, and get lost. Same today. And so, of course, I am not only late for my classroom, but never do get there. On my way trying to figure out which stairs to take, which direction to go, the principal comes down the hall. She says good morning, thank god. I was afraid she was going to ask me what was I doing. Then again, I think to myself, I only have a week to go and then I retire. (In reality, I retired this spring.) 

I finanlly choose an elevator, get off, and take a stairway, and damn it!! Again. No idea where I am. Can’t get back in. I start walking, very strange underground garage kind of place but no cars. Dust and concrete and pipes. A large man is stumbling around, he is bleeding and seems very confused, dazed. Another man -- I have the impression he’s a doctor of some kind -- is trying to get rid of this man. He’s telling the man that yes, he’s been abducted, and yes, it’s over for now, just keep going, keep going, you’ll be okay, don’t say anything, etc.

             Actor Christopher Plummer.


I am afraid. I know that I too have been abducted. This doctor sees me and refuses to talk with me. I tell him I now know where I am, sort of. That it has somehting to do with “them” and abductions. He pretends he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Then I get really angry. “Well, at least tell me how to get back to the school!” He won’t. Tells me I have to figure it out for myself.

A friend of mine; sister? Not sure. She’s here. We’re now walking around, lost, wandering in and out of very dim rooms. It’s daylight but hard to see. A tall man comes out (Christopher Plumber, don’t ask me why all these movie stars are in my dreams lately) is not human. He looks human, but it’s a disguse. He attacks us for trying to find out things. Why are we here, where are we, how to get back, what happened to the man who said he was abducted, why it is a secret, was I abducted, what is GOING ON?!

He refuses to answer and is angry to be asked.

Somehow, we get away. Not back to teh school but out of this dim, underground type of place. At least we’re out in the open now.

Ah, the underworld. A sort of Alice in Wonderland dream. Down that rabbit hole for sure.

Secrets. Things Not To Be Known. Keepers of those secrets. 


It’s as if some dreams are one giant tarot card that is to be interpreted. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Florida releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to prevent diseases like Zika | Live Science

All over the Fortean Intranets, but this link from The Daily Grail"

Florida releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to prevent diseases like Zika | Live Science: Hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes will soon be released in the Florida Keys island chain to wipe out local populations of disease-carrying mosquitoes, according to news reports.
Um, didn't we hear of this years ago? Yes, yes we did.


 The big questions are, will it work and will it have unintended effects on the environment?

The answer is: very probably not.

And remember, this is the year 2020. To quote the great Dorothy Parker: "What fresh hell is this?"

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Dreaming Mind: Reincarnation, UFOs

 Evidence for reincarnation? 

Now and then, I dream that I'm in France. Often centuries ago, 1600s? And the "me" in the dream is younger, and blonde. I don' have a particular thing about France; I don't have French ancestry (I'm pretty much 100% Celtic, as white as one can be) and I'm not young, or blonde. There's often a circus, pageant type feel to the dream. Sometimes there's a show going on, like a jousting match, or some kind of performance. It's all mixed up with royalty and death and escapes.

1947 Sergio Leone Film

In this dream, I'm watching a film but, as dreams will do, it quickly changes view and is really happening and I am in the film. The film is one made in 1947, directed by Sergio Leone, the Italian spaghetti western director. I think to myself, when I see the date, "1947, that's a year before Jim (my spouse) was born, and seven years before I was born. " For some reason that struck me as odd. 

Scene One

The actress Joan Davis, tall, wearing a tight fighting man's suit like a flamenco dancer's costume, walks slowly and silently across the sandy floor of the circus. She is not at all the funny woman she is known for -- she is deadly serious, and silent. She is sometimes mistaken for a mute. Her hair is dark brown, in little twisty braids, a scarf covering part of her head. John Gilbert is in front of her, leading her. It's clear he is in control of her; she is a slave, imprisoned. The emcee is Claude Rains, dressed in black top hat, cape and a walking stick. He too is in control. Things are not good. Something bad is going to happen.

Scene Two

Joan/me escape. Not sure how it happened but with the help of Liam Neeson, (and I think in the dream how could Liam Neeson be in a film made in 1947?) I escape and we have to hide out in a loft above the circus tent.

When I woke up I just knew this had something to do with the past. A past life, related to the dreams of France, etc.? Senses and emotions are the dream rulers, not logic. Actors from long ago, one from not long ago, and a comedian in a role utterly opposite what she was known for. 

Dream Two: UFOs; It's Ours! 

Yes, I dream of UFOs a lot. And here's one more:

Night, outside with a lot of people. The stars are beautiful, so many! Watching a star get bigger, closer, rotating and zooming towards us. Then it stops, above us in the sky. No longer a star but large light blue heptagon with round depressions all around it. Somehow, I can touch this thing. I push against the depressions. Nothing happens. People are excited thinking it's a UFO from outer space -- theirs, not ours. But somehow I know this isn't "theirs" (aliens) it's ours. Man made. I just know it. Something to do with the depressions in this oddly shaped thing. People argue with me; insist that it is an alien craft. Meanwhile, all kinds of UFOs of different shapes, colors and sizes are appearing around us, but no on notices them. I try to tell them that they have to look and they'll see UFOs that do belong to aliens, but this one that I'm touching? Not alien at all, but man made. No one believes me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Alien In My Window

 An alien appeared in my window the other afternoon:

Oh allright. It's simply the way the light was shining through the curtain. But it did look pretty strange! 

Magical, Fantastical: My New Tarot Decks

 I bought two new tarot decks recently. The Wonderland Tarot, and the Magical Forest Tarot.  I haven't received the Magical Forest deck yet, it's on its way. I was struck by the images of the deck and knew I had to have it. The images remind me of the Deviant Moon deck, a deck I use a lot. Same kind of overall vibe, even though the DM deck is darker. Both decks have a surreal quality. 

The Wonderland deck is delightful but also surreal, it's not all simply a children's story book. Lot more going on there than that. I found the cards easy to read and easily read relaxing into my intuitive bubble.

I can't wait to use the Magical Forest deck. 

Sometimes readers like to use two decks; I think I'll try that with the Magical Forest and the Deviant Moon. Maybe all three. 

Wonderland Tarot: Major Arcana, The Emperor

Magical Forest Tarot: Page of Cups

Deviant Moon tarot

Friday, August 7, 2020

60 or More Meteors Per Hour Next Week for Oregon, Washington Coast | News Break

Watch the skies. Oh wait, you already do. Always looking for the Mother Ship. But while you're looking up, watch for meteors as well:

60 or More Meteors Per Hour Next Week for Oregon, Washington Coast | News Break: Portland, Oregon) – From the tips of the southern Oregon coast at Brookings to the edges of the Olympic Peninsula on the Washington coast, nightly fireworks have begun. The 2020 Perseid meteor shower has arrived, and like the rest of the world the Pacific Northwest will get to see the peak on the mornings of August 11, 12 and 13. Even now you can see some darting across the sky, and the lack of street lights along the shorelines of Washington and Oregon will be providing some of the best views – weather and sea mist conditions permitting. They began in late July and will be around until August 24.

Possible investigations task force in the works for Oregon after more cattle killings | Local News |

Cattle mutilations in my state of Oregon; this in the eastern par of Oregon.

Possible investigations task force in the works for Oregon after more cattle killings | Local News | FOSSIL — Two more cattle have been mysteriously killed in rural Eastern Oregon.

A black-coated cow was found dead in July outside of Fossi with her legs tucked under her body with her head off the ground. Pictures show her eyes bulging out with flies around the body. The cow’s tongue and genitals were removed.

“It was a clean cut, so it wasn’t wildlife,” Wheeler County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah Holmes said. “There were upwards of 80 cows milling around there … so signs of tire tracks, boot tracks were pretty much nonexistent.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

International Owl Awareness Day

It is International Owl Awareness Day!

Google International Owl Awareness Day and you'll find plenty of links to all kinds of sites with info on owls and the history  of the day. Like this one at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

A few quotes about the supernaturalness of owls:

“Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go.” 

T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone

Oh, what a lovely owl!" Cried the Wart.

But when he went up to it and held out his hand, the owl grew half as tall again, stood up as stiff as a poker, closed its eyes so that there was only the smallest slit to peep through - as you are in the habit of doing when told to shut your eyes at hide-and-seek - and said in a doubtful voice

"There is no owl."

Then it shut its eyes entirely and looked the other way.

"It is only a boy," said Merlyn.

"There is no boy," said the owl hopefully, without turning round.” 

T.H. White, The Once and Future King

“People say the darkness is where secrets are best hidden. Night time brings clarity and focus to owls, even if the aperture of this vision comes with a stigma.” 

Kimberly Morgan, On Angels and Rabbit Holes

New Posts at The Stranger Side of Sasquatch

Some new posts at my blog The Stranger Side of Sasquatch. (You might notice I've changed the name from Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch; I got rid of the Frame 352.)

Remember to keep checking back here at the Orb and not WordPress!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Oregon Number Two in Reported Bigfoot Sightings

Tim Binnall has an item at Coast to Coast, citing Oregon as one of the top ten states for reported Bigfoot sightings:

Top States for Bigfoot Sightings Revealed | Coast to Coast AM: As one might expect, at the top of the chart was Sasquatch hotspot Washington state with a whopping 8.9 sightings for every 100,000 residents. Rounding out the top five for Bigfoot sightings by population were Oregon, West Virginia, Idaho, and Montana. (Tim Binnall, Coast to Coast)