Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Real World of Things That Happen

 Been away from the world of the strange. That's not true, things have been very strange. Just not UFO, cryptid, Reptilian Overlord, Giant Preying Mantis strange.

Spouse just got home from the hospital. Two weeks in the place. Heart attack, coded for a full sixty seconds, warfarin (Coumadin) went crazy (safe range is 2 to 3, his was 9), five units of blood given. Then an endoscopy, and colonoscopy prep. That was an exhausting night. Then the docs decided not to do the colonoscopy after all. Then the strangulated hernia operation. Goes in for an angioplasty in a few days. 

I slept every night in his hospital room. Entertained myself by keeping a journal, reading and playing on the phone. Beeping machines, various health care workers coming in throughout the night -- "Wake up, you were sleeping, so we'd thought we'd draw blood/give meds/take vitals" -- anyone who has been through a similar experience knows the drill.

All those jokes about hospital cafeteria food; they're right. Truly awful, downright insulting, although there has always been something comforting about jello.

So, things in the so-called real world have been exhausting and scary but thankfully, he is doing much better. 

Nurses and CNAs are incredible. I am so damn appreciative of their humor, patience, and care. Truly amazing people! Thank you nurses everywhere!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Those strange lights in the sky over Portland will be back Sunday night | News |

Friend of mine posted that she saw this, wondered what it was. Quickly decided it was this:

Those strange lights in the sky over Portland will be back Sunday night | News | Sadly, that was not a true UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena, as they're called now). We can say with relative certainly that this was a bank of Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX company. There's even a website that tracks where Starlink satellites are going to be visible at any given time. They showed up in the Portland area at 9:44 p.m. Friday night, and they'll return around the same time on Saturday, if you look to the northwest. They will be visible Sunday and Monday as well, albeit coming from slightly different directions and appearing a few minutes earlier each night.

Living in Eugene, and I missed it! But good to know what's what up there. While there are absolutely things up there that are not ours, in my opinion, and defy so-called logical explanations, there are also things that, while also very strange, are ours. 

Not a fan of Elon Musk by the way. Just putting that out there.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Joe Simonton's Pancakes: Real Estate Hypnosis


Found this old issue of Flying Saucers (1962) in my files, with an article by Frank Patton who writes that Joe Simonton, receiver of alien pancakes, was the victim of a scam conducted by human real estate developers.

Wisconsion farmer Joe Simonton’s 1961 encounter with pancake gifting UFO occupants is a classic case. Typical seemingly non-sensical act by the aliens. It turns out that the pancakes -- Simonton referred to them as “saucer cakes” --  were of ordinary earthly ingredients. The non-human entities looked humanoid, and wore clothing. 

One theory as to what really happened: hypnosis. According to Patton,  Simonton was the victim of repeated hypnosis sessions by real estate developers who were planning to open an amusement park in the area. One of the attractions included a flying saucer. Simonton was hypnotized numberous times into believing aliens  presented him with pancakes. 

Patton overhead “several men” in a diner laughing and discussing their sessions with Simonton.

Patton believed many other UFO witnesses were also hypnotized by both humans and non-human entities, into believing their UFO experiences were literal events. 

Flying Saucer, U.F.O., UFO, UAP

 Bleh. It's UFO and that's that.

U.F.O. is even better. 

Flying saucer, I like it but I'm willing to compromise.

But UAP? Never.

Monday, August 15, 2022

International Ghost Hunters I.D. From the Files, and Home Study Course

 Going through the files and found my official  International Ghost Hunters Society I.D. from 1998.

I couldn't find a website for them (and don't remember how it came to be I found them and sent away for membership) but I did find this link on Amazon for International Ghost Hunters Society Home Study Course by Dave Oester. You can read it on Kindle for free (I downloaded it) or buy a paperback version for $9.95.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

The 1990s, Locally

 It seems there was a lot of UFO interest in the 1990s in my town of Eugene, Oregon. A group came through, putting on presentations (Stan Johnson,  (deceased of Sutherlin, Oregon, was one guest. He self-published a couple of books on his contacts with UFOs and Bigfoot.) I forget the name of the group, or its leader, but they stuck around awhile, making the local news. Of course, like most, they had their own agenda, and that was "no negative" stuff about UFOs, the government, aliens, ET, etc. "No negative stuff" is open to interpretation. (They read a letter I wrote to them about my thoughts on things to the group. Did not give my name but used my letter as an example of what not to delve into, for, it was "negative." My letter was something about just because the aliens say they are what they are doesn't mean it's what they are and also, possible MILABS.)

The Eugene paper, The Register Guard, didn't seem shy about printing items concerning local witnesses who saw UFOs. 

All kinds of people, "believers" and non, seemed to be open to discussing the topic. For a few years I threw a "UFO Party" every summer. Started my own study group of like minded people.

And, UFO researchers appeared in our town to share their thoughts. Going through my files (a never ending process) I found  two flyers from the 1990s. One announcing a talk by Derrel Simms, the othera talk by Melinda Leslie. Both at Lane Community College.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Kindle e book

 Besides writing about the weird stuff, I also write fiction. Poetry, prose, haiku, haibun, etc. Trying my hand at self-publishing, so far, I'm only doing e-books on Kindle. 

My chapbook blue stucco, a small collection of haibun, is available on Kindle. 

Also, Mermaid Streaks: 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 Oh, how they abound! From all sides. Including within UFO Land. 

Many years ago, a UFO organization came to my town of Eugene, Oregon.  They were even on the news. 

They put on presentations. Stan Johnson, for example, who self-published a few books on his interactions with a Bigfoot family living on his ranch in Sutherlin, Oregon. TheBigfoot family (who did not like to be called Bigfoot, they told Johnson) took him into their spaceship.


Naive, new to the whole thing, and simply assuming that all those professing interest in UFOs were after only one thing: truth, I submitted a letter to be shared at one of the presentations. 


What happened was, the Head UFO Gatekeeper read my letter -- which included something about how sometimes encounters are negative, and the government can't always be trusted -- was "too negative" and they were not about "negativity." 

It wasn't like I was shouting to the skies about Reptilian Overlords impersonating politicians and hey! your neighbor, your very spouse or children or siblings, could be aliens! I simply said we don't know what' s going on, and some of it isn't so fun.


Some time after that, I met some people who at first, were very much involved with UFOs. But again, it turned out to be agenda based. Meditation before each meeting. Nothing wrong with meditation, I do it myself. And depending on your goal, meditating before delving into UFO Land can be a good thing, a necessary thing. But as a blanket given? No thank you. Seems too much like propaganda or indoctrination, like saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. And every meeting, no matter how intense or interesting the UFO/entity encounter may have been, quickly turned to energy. 

How to conserve energy, how to work towards alternative energy options, etc. These people were a combination of New Age hippies (of which, I acknowledge, I'm sort of kind of one. But not like that.

At a UFO conference, one of the members of this group asked a question of two of the presenters who talked about their encounter with a huge UFO-Triangle on the Idaho Oregon border, why the experience didn't cause them to be more "spiritual." Are you fucking kidding me?

I am, personally, all about spiritual and crystals and all that, but I try to keep my giddy New Age propensities in one lane, the UFO stuff on another.

Many UFO pundits and would be gurus dressed in UFO garb have their own agendas. There's speculation, which I indulge in. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you know it's entertaining ideas, and not fact. Telling your truth, your experiences, as honestly as you can, in spite of debunkers and even those within UFO Land. That takes bravery, and vulnerability. 

But no one has the answers. I think that even those who think they know, with actual alien bodies in their secret warehouses, don't know the whole story, just what they've been told.

We only know what we've experienced, or what we think we've experienced, what "they" have told us (and how can we genuinely believe "they" have really told us all there is to tell? ) 

Friday, July 22, 2022

Just Saw a UFO


Just saw a UFO. Approximately 4:32 p.m. Clear sky, no clouds.  Moving north to south. No sound.

Jim out front watering, calls at me to come outside and bring the binoculars. I hobble out (been laid up with a bad knee) and he's looking up at the sky. "Damnit," he says. "I knew it would be gone if I turned away from it." He hands me the binoculars. "See if you can see anything through them, I'll keep looking." I don't see anything at all while looking at the sky, but through the binoculars I see, high up, a silver oval shaped object, and a bit of a tail but not like an airplane tail. I take the binoculars away from my eyes to tell Jim what I saw; he says "That's it!" But we can't see anything at all anywhere in the sky, nor through the binoculars. 

I hobble back to the porch, intending to get my flip flops on and come back out. But I trip and fall on the porch steps, further hurting my knee and I did something to my toe. Bleh. 

A few points: 

  • Past few days I've been thinking very strongly on how I haven't seen a UFO in a long time, and I want to see one! I want ... more. Communication, solutions. Answers. Okay, at least a sighting.
  • No clouds in the sky not a one and very odd that neither Jim or I could see the object after the initial sighting. It couldn't have just disappeared so damn quickly; to where? No cloud to hide in. . . and it wasn't moving that fast.
  • My tripping on the porch. Can't help but entertain the thought it was related to the object. "See?" says the UFO. "You wanted this, but at a price." Okay, not really. Just a thought.
  • It's interesting how much information comes through about the object, when you see one, even when looking at it for such a short time. This was not a balloon, not a plane, or a blimp
    . . . who knows what it was, but I know what it wasn't. Both Jim and I agree about that.
  • The entire sighting, as short as it was, was intense enough to have us both go "hmmm... that was odd." 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Orange Orb Dreams, UFO Tulpas, and Insectoids

 An Orange Orb dream the other night:

I'm on a Zoom like call; a UFO presentation. Sort of like a podcast, UFO conference and radio show all together. Some one recognizes my blog The Orange Orb and so I once again tell the tale. Of seeing the very large and up close orange orb, its following us, the feeling it knew what I was thinking and was responding, the missing time . . .

And then I say that each time I tell the story, the orange orb becomes more real, (not that it ever was not real) more concrete. Like a UFO Tulpa. It's still true, and "mine," meaning, my experience but it also is its own self. Aware. Solid. Separate from me. Its own thing. This is so damn hard to articulate! So hard. But a very important aspect of the whole encounter. 

Alien Ant, watercolor, James Rich

As I'm relating this, the night sky becomes a swirling geometric mass and several insectoids show up. Praying Mantis types, locust types. They are anywhere from six feet to ten feet tall. They're watching, listening. Aware. No threat -- yet. 

I tell everyone that they're here and very, very real. "Yes," I say, as bizarre and really, ridiculous, as it seems, these alien-insectoid beings are real. And here. And have been. 

Friday, July 1, 2022

George Carlin on Society's Hypocritical Treatment of UFO "buffs"

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Friday, June 3, 2022

What's Up With Praying Mantis Aliens? :

What's Up With Praying Mantis Aliens? :

Interesting article. I'm a sucker for giant insectoid alien type entities. One of the good quotes: Noted Rice University professor of religious studies Jeffrey Kripal has made a career of taking seriously—but not literally—such seemingly impossible paranormal claims. 


World Gone Mad: Destroying Art

Tim Binnal at Coast to Coast has a link to this story: Video: Man Destroys $5 Million in Ancient Artifacts Following Fight with Girlfriend | Coast to Coast AM

A highly disgruntled boyfriend, who was "mad at his girl," went crazy and vandalized ancient artifacts.

That's not all in this Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World: a man, who disguised himself as an old

At this point, all we can say is: WTFF?!

Individuals angry, mad, frustrated at whatever, attack works of art. Of history. Of great import to cultures. 

Better than shooting up an elementary school and murdering children and adults.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Author's Page

 I'm still here. Lately I've been working on putting together chapbooks; you can check them out on my amazon author's page..  Soon I'll be putting up paranormal and UFO themed writings. Reviews are appreciated!

Also on Instagram under reganorb.

What else? Not much. I've been silent on the congressional hearings on UFOs because . . . it's happened before, and . . . call me cynical. I don't think there's a Big Reveal. What might be revealed will be carefully chosen, and what of all the bits not revealed? Because you can be sure it will never be fully revealed.