Friday, January 7, 2022

Mermaids in the Astral

 You'd think I had taken 'shrooms last night, the journey my dreaming mind took.

I dreamt I was a mermaid, but also human. No one knows, except my husband (who is a dream figure, no one I know.) In order to keep my human appearance and my two legs to walk around on, I have to spend time in the secret pool that is in down several levels in our house. I access the pool by climbing up into a white cupboard (the entire room is white) and then down stairs to the pool. It is quiet and cool, the walls painted a soft green. No one knows about his place. It is completely hidden from the others in the house.

I swim, using my mermaid tail of course. When I leave the pool and come back into the house, I am on two legs again. My mermaid tale is a lovely shade of metallic golden yellow. I have a lucid moment, where I wonder to myself why my mermaid tale is gold/yellow, instead of green or blue.

My mermaid tattoo. 

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