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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Mysterious Chinese Seeds and Teal Metallic Spheres

You've probably seen the reports of Americans receiving packets of seeds from China. Seeds citizens have not ordered. From CNN:

(CNN)All 50 states have now issued warnings about mysterious, unsolicited packages of seeds that people across the nation have received in the mail in recent weeks.

The packages appear to be coming from China, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Photos shared by state agriculture departments show packages marked with labeling from China Post, which operates the official postal service of China. Some of the labels also indicate that the packages contain jewelry, although inside is typically a packet of seeds in clear, plastic packaging. (CNN)
Weird to be sure. All kinds of conspiracy theories will come of this. 

Related, sort of: about a month ago, I soaked some lemon seeds from store bought lemons, thinking I was going to start a little lemon tree plant. Not to plant outside; we live in Western Oregon, not good for lemon trees. But maybe an indoor plant. Just curious to see what would happen.

After about three days of soaking the seeds, which looked perfectly normal when they came out of the lemon, the seeds were not your typical lemon seeds, but perfect little spheres.  Not only were they spheres, but a shiny, metallic teal color.  Very strange. I have never seen that before. 

More curious now, I waited to see what would happen after I planted the seeds, er, spheres. Lots of sprouts. I kept them going; after a couple of weeks, the sprouts died off, leaving three dark green shoots. They look promising. 

I wish I had the idea to take a picture of the spheres, but I didn't. But here is an image of the little lemon (?) starts. 

Right now they're on the railing of the porch, they seem to be doing fine. When it gets cooler and the shoots get bigger, I'll plant them in a bigger pot and we'll see what happens.