Tuesday, February 27, 2024

James Bond and Spatula

 Two episodes of synchronicity today; both trivial, if not also oddly humorous. Last night I had a funny dream where I'm in a fancy hotel suite, and James Bond (s) kept popping in. Different men, different ages and types, but each one was James Bond. They were all James Bond. There were even a couple of female James Bond. No idea what this meant just one of those silly dreams.

Earlier last night, watching an episode of Sex Education, a character utters the word "spatula" in a very specific way.

This morning, I'm reading the newspaper, and one of the word jumble puzzle things is about James Bond. And on the same page, the word "spatula" appears prominently in another word jumble thing.

As usual, at least with me, these types of synchronicities are vivid but also silly. The Cosmic Joker abides.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

A Moment of Deju Vu

 The other day I was thinking about deju vu. How, when I was a kid, I experienced it a LOT. I mean, a lot. And still experienced it into my twenties, but less. As an adult, still, but maybe a few times a year, if that. And I couldn't remember the last time I had a moment of deja vu. Age, I suppose. (I'm sixty-nine.) 

Then, yesterday, I had an intense moment of deja vu! Did my subconscious hear what I was thinking and respond? Did the universe hear and respond? Synchronicity? Definitely that. But more than that. 


Thursday, December 28, 2023

Healing Power of Cats

 I posted in November that our eighteen year old cat Mango has passed on. 

Two  weeks ago we adopted two cats. We didn't have any intention of getting two cats, but after visiting with a few cats at the animal shelter, we found this bonded pair (had to be adopted together) and we just fell in love. 

They are four years old. When we brought them home they immediately adjusted to their new environment. They behaved as if they've always lived here. Amazing.

Both cats are extremely affectionate. They sleep with me when I'm having an off day due to chemo. They sense my physical condition and it is very healing to have them with me.


Nicco, and Loki. (we changed Loki's name to Loki, originally it was Dexter. He is much more of a Loki.) I call Nicco The Emperor, I don't know why but he reminds me of an ancient Japanese ruler, a very regal personage.


Cats, of course, have long been associated with magick and mystery, witches and healers. Easy to see why. 

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Mythical Painting

 Been working in the studio lately and it feels good. Three of the latest:

Dragon Smoke, acrylic on canvas, 18" by "24

Dracula's Hall, acrylic on canvas

Mermaid's Sky, acrylic on board

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Cats and (Chickens): Energies

 Still missing our nineteen year old cat Mango, who went off on his own to die. We want to get another cat, but not quite ready yet. Looked at some at an adoption event last week; were tempted but the whole thing had Jim depressed and so, we wait. In the meantime. This is what I posted the other day on my Facebook page:


What a weird day. Last night, talking about how cats were all over this block; that's how we found four of our cats, all strays that just showed up and never left. Haven't seen cats around for some time. This morning, I was in the front yard and saw a calico looking cat in our yard. He or she froze. I spoke gently to it but she dashed away; stopped, looked back at me and froze again before taking off. Wary thing; she ran under the parked cars to the end of the block.  

The day just got better and better: 

Earlier this morning, woke up to a wet floor. The hall was wet, the bathroom floor flooded. Something happened to the pipe under the sink; went to the store to buy a part, it was the wrong size, went back to return it, they didn't have the size we needed.
So that was fun, cleaning all that up.
Also, noticed one of the hooks on the bathroom wall where I had some necklaces hanging had fallen off, onto the floor.
And to wrap things up, watching a movie in the "roku" room, with the big sound, and the sound bar wasn't working. Just kaput. Tried to figure out why it wasn't working but no clue.
Strange energies.

Night before last, had a dream :

that I found a shopping cart with a cat that looked just like Mango, except, it wasn't. Quite. I thought he was dead for he never moved at all, was curled up like he was sleeping. By his feet were two kittens that looked just like him. They were very sweet and friendly, so damn cute! I was angry at the people I lived with, because I would go out of town for a few days at a time and no one was taking care of the cats. "How could you be so cold and cruel as to ignore these babies?" I said. Shrugs on their part. So I decide to stay home and take care of them. 

Last night, dreamt I found a large white cat that looked just like our cat (who passed a few years ago) but it wasn't. It was, but wasn't. (typical dream logic.) He was outside in our bushes; I picked him up but was careful not to hurt him because his front paws were bleeding. He was very sweet and loving. HIs fur got stuck in my white nail polish which wasn't quite dry so I had to remove all my polish before going to a job interview. The woman at the interview mentions I hadn't done my nails. I tell her what happened, she laughed.

Today, out in the yard, I see a beautiful black cat. Never seen it before. Had a collar. Very friendly and sweet; was going back and forth between the neighbor's house and ours. A few moments late, when we went inside, we saw it sitting on our porch. Came right up to us. I assumed it's the new neighbor's  cat since they just moved in a few days ago and the cat is new to the street, plus it was hanging around on the neighbor's porch. 

Then, just to underline the animal energy vibe, I hear, then see, three chickens in my neighbor's driveway across the street. They walked down the drive and across the street in a single line. Her new neighbors recently bought a coop but obviously the chickens managed to get out. 

With all this cat energy around maybe our new cat will come into our lives very soon. I hope so!


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

And in Today's Creepy Clown News . . .

 Another creepy clown stalking residents. This one even has a Facebook page daring the coppers to catch him.

Forteana has its share of strange clowns alarming locals. Clowns in white vans, clowns in parks and at the edge of the woods, just . . . staring. Clowns have two sides; the sweet happy clown person entertaining children with balloon animals and silly tricks, and the other side. The Penny Wise, IT clown. The murderous clowns from American Horror. All those sweaty greasy clowns in smelly clowns with giant flapping shoes and garish colors that disturb us adults. Like me; I really detest clowns. Underneath all that gaiety is a plethora of nasty and dark intent. 

But that's just me. 

Monday, October 9, 2023

Two Small Pre-cog Moments


Last night, watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Scene: actor at a desk. I said to Jim “Oh, that’s ‘Artie,” the guy from Fraiser and Warehouse 13.” I was convinced. At the last moment, I realized it wasn’t him at all.

Later in the program, different scene. One of the actors comes forward, and . . . yes, it’s the actor that I thought was the actor in the previous scene. This time, it was the actor Saul Rubinek. From Fraiser and Warehouse 13. 


 Actor Saul Rubinek

After watching Mrs. Maisel, I watched the third episode of the UFO documentary Encounters. (excellent show.) I was doodling while I was watching. This is what I doodled:

Later, a witness described seeing a skinny entity with pointy ears.

And another weird thing which has nothing whatever to do with the above, but it was odd and unnerving. Later that night, in bed, (listening to Coast to Coast)  I was wanting to change the station on my little C. Crane transistor radio, something I’ve done hundreds of times. Hundreds. And for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what to do! That’s why it was unnerving. Am I losing it? My memory finally going; a senior moment indeed. The more I tried to remember how to do such a simple thing I’ve done hundreds of times before, the more I couldn’t remember. Finally, just when I was about to give up because I was feeling downright panicky that I was clearly losing my mind, I remembered.

 I don’t know is these small moments were synchronicities, time slips,remote viewing or precognitive events. Or all of those. And while the last example, where I couldn't remember how to change the stations, had nothing to do with remote viewing, etc. I wonder if that energy behind it had something to do with the earlier episodes.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

No One is Safe!: When Animals (and aliens) Invade

Items in recent news from the animal realm:

A rat unnerves a driver in New York.

The old legend about armadillos carrying the leprosy virus has resurfaced. As armadillos make their way in Florida, agencies are watching for signs of a leprosy outbreak.

Among the theories on how armadillos got into Florida in the first place, the old escaped from a circus/zoo explanation was offered.  (Adrianna Rodriguez,USA Today)

Bedbugs “are everywhere” in France. (Nathan Diller, USA Today)

Glowing Animals
A cool item about glowing animals. They’re more prevalent that one would think:

Fluorescence was most common and most intense among nocturnal species, the researchers found, but it was also present in diurnal animals, which are active during the daytime, including the mountain zebra and the polar bear.
“We didn’t know that so many mammals had glowing skin or glowing fur,” said Dr Kenny Travouillon, curator of mammalogy at the Western Australian Museum and the study’s lead author.

Weird Rabbit Aliens
I’ll leave you with this report from Lon Strickler on his Phantoms and Monsters blog about a witness who had a very weird experience involving a rabbit that wasn’t a rabbit. The witness also describes hearing from others with their own bizarre rabbit/alien/cryptid/ufo encounters. A subject I am very much interested in. Something about weird rabbits and the supernatural --can’t resist.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Don't Panic! It's Just an Alert! No Conspiracy Here!

On the front page of the Register Guard, a USA Today article about the alert signal. (Emergency alert test scheduled; Elizabeth Weise, Amaris Encinas.) First sentence:

Get ready to not freak out.

Second paragraph, first sentence: 

It’s a test - only a test.
Article goes on to explain what the alert signal is, etc. Most of us heard it today on our phones or televisions. Once again, we’re assured that:
No, it’s not a national conspiracy to infect people with nanoparticles.

After more explanations of the whys and hows of the alert, the article ends with another reassuring comment:

There are conspiracy theories on social media suggesting that the warning tone will somehow turn on technology that has been implanted into American’s bodies, putting them under some sort of “control.”

Those claims are untrue.

Good to know.

Interesting how the article mentions, more than once, how it’s not a conspiracy. (No, I don’t think it is a conspiracy.) (Not the nanoparticle implant part anyway.) Like the old joke: don’t think of a pink elephant. There are no such things as huge pink elephants, so don’t give it a thought. Then of course, all you can do is think about pink elephants.

Is there a conspiracy to make sure we don’t think it’s a conspiracy?

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

OctoWeen: Season of Death



Mango, our friend for nineteen years.


Our nineteen year old cat Mango has, we believe, gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Mango went deaf this past year, had a cataract, lots of aches and pains especially in his back legs due to an attack by a pit bull  some years ago, yowls in the night, etc. Typical senior cat behaviors. Poor lovey.  The past few months, it was clear he was on his way out of this realm. Today he was asleep on the bed, suddenly woke up and just YOWLED/cried. It was heartbreaking. As he sat in my lap (for the last time, it turned out)  I told him it was okay, it’s time for him to go. I told him how much we loved him.

The past few months, he didn’t really want to go out, even though it was summer. As soon as the weather changed from summer to that magical velvet Fall a week or so ago, he wanted to go outside. He would sit on the porch for a few minutes then come back in. Today he wanted to go out so we let him out, thinking he would come back soon. We were sitting on the porch. Mango went over to Jim, which was hard for Mango, poor stumbling guy. He just looked at Jim, the sweetest look. Jim petted him and then Mango left.

We haven’t seen him since. That was around five in the afternoon. It is now past midnight and he hasn’t come back. We have looked everywhere; no Mango. UPDATE: It is now two days later; he is gone. It is clear he went off to die on his own terms.

I knew Mango was dying and we were discussing taking him to the vet to be “put down” (great fucking goddess I hate that term) but Mango decided to go the way he did. Which I prefer except I would have liked closure, to be sure, and I hate the idea of him being alone out there. But I trust he knew what he wanted.

We tune into Netflix for distraction. Comedy special, and while funny, the theme was death. Death. Death of his sister, death death death. Earlier mind numbing TV and it was all about death. Was i just picking up on what was random stuff or something more pointed? My attention is hyper.

Tuned in to Coast to Coast late that night. The subject involved communicating with the spirits of dead children. (!) Death.

I set up my Octoween altar September 30th. A sort of Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day, Dumb Dinner, pagan/witchy memorial to my ancestors and those I  miss and loved.

It’s also been a hell of a year for both of us. Jim had a heart attack last September, died for a full minute in the ER (which I witnessed) several blood transfusions, a severely bad hernia, ... oh it was bad. Came home from the hospital only to return two weeks later due to complications.

Thankfully he is better than ever now.

Then, it was my turn. Diagnosed with cancer in February, operation, six months of chemo, ... now waiting for the ostomy reversal. The cancer is gone. Close calls for both of us.

This time of year is when the veils are lifted. The spirits come through; we reach out to speak to them. We create altars, perform rituals, pray, make offerings. Even those who don’t believe in such things participate, unconscious of the meanings behind, while they enjoy Halloween and the spooky movies and costumes.

I’ve been hoping to communicate with Mango. Nothing yet. I read something author and psychic Taylor Ellwood wrote recently about mediumship. We can’t demand that the spirits respond to us, instead we should offer our thoughts and allow them to communicate as they see fit. (I’m paraphrasing.) So instead of telling Mango to come to me and communicate (and this is also for my ancestors) I’ve been sending him the message that when he’s ready, and if he wants to, to just let me know how he’s doing. 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Kitchen Fairy Strikes Again: Missing (and found?) Fork


 In the past I've posted about weird episodes of missing items in this house, particularly in the kitchen. We had a fancy fork we both liked, nothing expensive or anything, just a cool looking fork. About a month ago it went missing. We looked everywhere for it. How could a fork just disappear? But it was gone. 

Last night, while cooking dinner (okay, putting a frozen pizza in the oven) I mentally called out to the Kitchen Fairy, as we have taken to calling the energy that makes things disappear, that I want my fork back. 

This morning, I needed a paper bag. I go into the bottom drawer and take out a folded paper bag that's been in the drawer forever. I open the folded bag, and there is a fork. But not the fancy fork, just a plain ol' fork. How did a fork get placed into a folded paper bag that has been kept in the cupboard for ages? I had the feeling the Kitchen Fairy was messing with me.


House fairies, etc. often take items, exchange items, find items from and for humans. Google "fairies and missing items" and there is all kinds of information on fairy lore and missing items. 

I will try making an offering to the Kitchen Fairy  and see what develops.

And that's the story of the Case of the Missing Fancy Fork.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Hoping For a Trigger

     Something quite obvious occurred to me the other night, while watching a program on UFOs. There are so many UFO shows on television and You Tube, etc. that it’s hard to remember what it was that I was watching. It was on television. No matter. The thing is, I was watching, yet again, another UFO program and I wondered why, after all these years, do I still watch any program that has to do with UFOs, and to a slightly lesser degree, any show that has to do with Bigfoot, ghosts, the paranormal, etc.?

     I haven’t learned anything. Not true; I’ve learned the facts of various cases. Barney and Betty Hill, Kecksburg, Travis Walton. . .

     I’ve learned about triangles and the Phoenix Lights and orbs. All kinds of orbs. Orange orbs. Ah, so that’s it. 

     I watch these shows hoping for a trigger. That by watching UFO programs -- especially ones to do with orbs, orange orbs -- something within my subconscious will shift, and I’ll remember. I’ll remember what happened during the missing time my husband and I experienced during the sighting. I’ll learn just what the orange orb was. I’ll discover why. Why it was there, why I experienced all the strange things in its aftermath. I’ll understand the connection between the orange orb encounter and all the encounters preceding it. Since childhood, I will finally know.

     So far, no such luck. Tried hypnosis, which turned out to be a waste of money. I expected a deep dive into a dramatic uncovering of memory. Instead, it was a gentle fun but empty guided sort of meditation. (“You are walking down a hall and see a painting. What is in the painting?”) Bleh. 

     I’m trying a remote viewing kind of thing. I have my husband involved, though he doesn’t know what it’s about. Just a target number I gave him. So far, nothing. 

     I draw and paint and try to work out through my art if something will suddenly erupt in a big There It Is! moment.

      I continue to watch to see if there are other witnesses who have had similar encounters. There are lots of sightings of small orange orbs far off in the sky. Footage exists all over the place of those kinds of orbs. Not just orange but red, green, blue, yellow. There are some cases of large orange orbs, like the one I saw, and the sense from the witness that the orb was aware, intelligent, playing with the witness. That’s what I experienced. One happened in Oregon, near the gorge, also in the nineteen eighties. Connected? 

     So far, no answers. Interesting elements, but no answer. And now that I’m in my sixties I wonder if I’ll ever find out. 

Monday, July 31, 2023

Shrines to Mary


Abstract Mary, ink, pen, marker on paper, July 2023

Two nights in a row, have had dreams about Mary, the Holy Mother, as well as general goddess energy.

First dream:

I'm setting up a shrine, or altar, in a glass display case that's on a table. The case is about four feet by three feet. I place rocks, crystals, shells, and images of Mary everywhere, as well as other goddess images, but Mary seems to take the center spot. A woman comes by and tells me I can't set up here because it might offend others who are coming into this place. (seems to be a large auditorium.) I tell her I am not going to dismantle my shrine; it's on them if they're offended, and no one told me not to set up. They had plenty of time, but expecting me to take down my altar two minutes before everyone is expected to arrive is rude. I continue setting up.

Second dream:

I'm setting up in a bedroom in my house. It's a tiny room, really a large closet. I am creating a space for Mary as well as other goddesses. Again, Mary is the focus. I am almost finished when someone hands me a small box. Inside is a votive candle inside a glass holder. The box is paper with really neat illustrations of Mary. I place it in the middle of the shelf. 

I am not a Christian and don't believe in a Christian god. I did go to Catholic school for eight years when I was a kid; was baptized and had my first communion and confirmation. I stopped believing in a literal Christian Bible based religion when I was fifteen. So I am not sure what the significance of this imagery is. However, I find myself creating a lot of Mary art.  

And yes, that is an orange orb in the drawing I did a few days ago. Hmm...

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Memories Remembered and Lost

 July 23, 2023

Exploring the Orb: Self-reflexive investigation into an orange orb

     I’ve been wondering if one can remote view missing time. I realize I can’t remote view my own episodes of missing time. Or can I? I’ve had success with remote viewing; the little I’ve done. But trying to remote view your own event?I wouldn’t trust what came through. Still, trying to drift off to sleep, I gave my missing time target the code of 4242 and tried.

     Memory. I don’t remember a damn thing during those missing hours in context of my orange orb sighting, so maybe remote viewing myself is valid. So I started thinking about memory; how we know we had a dream the night before, for example, yet can’t remember the dream itself. Maybe a fragment. Yet we know, we sense, that we did dream, even though we can’t remember. That dream is out there, somewhere. Has to be. 

     While I was musing on this, I suddenly found myself remembering a house we lived in for a short time when I was little. It was on Bedford street in L.A. I was about six or seven, at the most. What is interesting about this memory is that I remember quite a bit about the house we lived in before when I was younger. I remember plenty of the house we moved into after the house on Bedford. I even remember being in the womb, and when I was a baby still in my high chair in the apartment we lived in on Mansfield. But Bedford, in between all those other places? Not much.

     Also, that house on Bedford was weird. The few memories I have are strange ones. One memory, I was alone in the living room. On the mantle were stuffed animals my step-father bought home with him for us. I remember staring at the eyes of these creatures, just staring and staring at them. They stared back. I remember being frightened by this. Another memory: I am upstairs. Of course, there was no second story, but for some reason I remember being upstairs in this house. It’s nighttime, I am leaning out the open window. I hear bells on the roof, clattering, and I know it’s Santa Claus. But it isn’t Christmas time. I am excited. One more memory: also remember this being upstairs, in my bedroom. A giant chrome or silver cylinder, with a grate inside it and ribbons blowing out from the object. It moved across my room. I was very very frightened. I did not like this thing one bit.

     When I was an adult, I asked my mother about the house, if there was a heater of some kind in my bedroom. I was thinking maybe I was mis-remembering, confusing a radiator or something for a giant monster-cylinder. She insisted there was no such thing in my bedroom.

     I remember strange things from the house we lived in before, including seeing what I call the Patio Alien. I remember experiencing all kinds of things in the house we lived after the Bedford house, like waiting for “them”, small barely visible beings carrying me out through doors and placing me in a large fir tree to wait for their ship. 

     But for some reason, I remember only those three disturbing incidents on Bedford. Why is that?