Thursday, January 5, 2017

UFO Dreams: Merely Ego, or Something Deeper?

Readers of my blogs know I have an active dream life. I've had dreams involving Mothman, Sasquatch, ghosts, aliens, UFOs . . .

Sometimes these dreams are on the profound side: a nudging of hidden memories, knowledge, something more, something important about my experiences. Other times, the dreams are not so meaningful, not in any mystical way.

Although, I do think the following dream might have something to do with my own pursuit and research -- not to give it up. So, that's important, in its way.

I'm in China for an international UFO conference. I'm feeling pretty lost, don't know the language, everything is unfamiliar. I'm a little anxious and scared, in fact. But, I carry on. The hotel I'm staying in, along with many of the conference presenters, is huge. And, very fancy. The staff speaks English, the food is amazing, service excellent, etc. Still, I feel out of place. 

A well known and respected UFO author and researcher (no, not saying who) has invited me to speak at the end of his presentation. His presentation is about personal experiences. We go over the presentation -- his paper, then what he'd like me to focus on. I'm sitting up front listening to the presenters. During a break I go outside and a car -- old, 1950s, Chevy or something -- pulls up. A man is driving and several people are in the car. They grab me and pull me into the car and take off. I scream and yell and tell them I can't go with them, I'm due to present in a few minutes. They don't believe me. I shove the paper in front of them. Now they believe me, but don't care. The man is belligerent. I grab the wheel and steer the car into a divider, smashing the car, but he still won't let me go. I'm screaming and waving at people walking by to get their attention. Finally, somehow, I get out.
I run back to the conference, when Mr. Respected UFO Author is just finishing up. He's a bit peeved at my disappearance, thinking I just flaked out. But I run up there and I go up to the podium. I look a mess. My hair is all over the place, my clothes are in disarray. I say "Something very personal and not good just happened to me outside. I don't want to talk about it, but I made it back."
Applause. Mr. UFO Author is glad I'm back and okay. So I go into an orange orb presentation. No answers, just more questions. But it feels good.

Well, the dreaming mind. Have to think on this one. What does China have to do with this? A foreign land. The UFO Realm is certainly that. Despite attempts to quell my interests, I carry on. We all know that as well.

So, carry on I will.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Down the Fuzzy Memory Hole: A Perfect Scoop Mark (?)

This is one of those odd moments that happen frequently in UFO Land. Also, a bit alarming, because it suggests a mind slip on my part due to health, or old age, having nothing to do with UFOs or anomalous episodes in life. Given the context of my UFO life however, I'm not too worried about that possibility.

Listening to Coast to Coast last night as I was drifting off to sleep. Not a good habit but one hard to break. The guest was Michael Fitzhugh Bell, who discussed his book The Invisible Crime. Bell's story: he's been targeted for some time by humans who have abducted him, operated on him, drugged him, and implanted him. Electronic harassment, that kind of thing.

I wasn't fully asleep, just lightly floating in that soft space between being awake and deeply asleep. Suddenly I had one of those "mind postcards" -- those abrupt images that "click" in my mind (often, literally, hearing a click) with clarity and knowledge. I'm in the bathroom, looking at the back of my leg, where there is a perfect scoop mark. I think to myself "Okay, that proves it, now that's the perfect scoop mark, no doubt. Damn it." This "mind postcard" was a memory. With it was the awareness I had forgotten about this -- which seemed incredible. How can one forget something like that?! The message from this "postcard" was: "I'm reminding you of this. Go take another look and document this." But I just stayed in bed.

So, for awhile that night, I assumed this was real. I really did see the scoop mark on my leg the other day, I really was looking at it. And for some reason, quickly forgot about it and didn't do anything about it.  Later, I realized I don't know if this was a memory of something real, or if it was a dream. I have a memory of me looking at the mark, but don't know if it was a dream memory.

Last night I was in a lot of pain from having two extractions, and on pain pills. The effects of the sedatives given to me earlier, plus the pain pills and my overall feeling-like-crap state very likely contributed to this weird little moment.

Now, awake and later the next day, I am sure the whole thing was in my head, and not at all real. What's very strange, but again, not untypical in UFO Land, is that I haven't checked my leg to see if there is any scoop mark there. So hold on a moment while I do that.

Okay. No scoop mark.

I think my subconscious was swirling with Bell's narrative in the soupy mix of drugs and pain. I remember thinking, for some reason, most likely something Bell said that triggered this memory, of a strange mark I had on my foot when I was a child.

This mark was brown and  crescent shaped on the bottom of my foot. I don't know if I was born with it or not, but I remember it being there for years. I'm not sure when it went away, sometime around my late teens. I have memories of my grandmother trying to get rid of it with folk type remedies. This memory -- real -- segued into the scoop mark "memory."

Another bit of data to put into the vast pile of data. None of this proves or disproves a thing, nor does it negate any valid UFO experience. Just remind us how weird things are on the fringe.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eugene Glass Artist's UFOs

Responding to my post the other day here at the Orb about orange orb synchronicity, my friend Jamie (who is a fantastic glass artist) commented:

Jamie Burress-Kovacs That reminded me of when I saw 5 orange orb looking UFOs by the University of Oregon in downtown Eugene on June 15, 2014. If you go to my photos and click on my videos, I posted the video of them on here. Unfortunately, my dang phone ran out of storage right when 3 of them appeared, so I only got a few seconds of the last 3. Before I started filming though, I saw them and was yelling to the U of O kids walking in the street next to me to look up at the UFOs, and they totally just stared at me like I was crazy and ignored me! Over 15 people I tried to tell to look up, and not a single one did! It was right outside the Caspian Cafe, about 2am, I think, and I was picking up an order to-go and I think everyone else around me were just drunk and thinking I was a crazy person trying to mess with them. I should have just recorded video the whole time instead.
I told her that this very strange non-reaction from some people is common. I've had that happen many times; clearly I and sometimes, a few others, are looking at something unusual in the sky. Yet those around just won't bother to look up and see for themselves. I find that fascinating, as well as frustrating.

Jamie very kindly gave permission to link to her footage:

UFOs in Eugene

Jamie's video of UFOs seen through night vision glasses.
More night vision

Found in the Files: Article by Don Worley

Article by Don Worley. Date and publication unknown.

Cleaning up and going through mounds of files, I came across an article by Don Worley. Unfortunately, I have no idea what magazine Worley's article appeared in, nor date. I am guessing it's about twenty years old. (I've emailed what I hope was a correct address…)

The article discusses abductions. Worley describes the experiences of a witness named Carol who at the time was 62. Three things I found particularly interesting: Carol's sighting in 1931 of a "big black dirigible-shaped craft (that) slowly floated over their home." This was witnessed by Carol's mother. Worley writes that Carol was 15 months at the time but she remembers this event.

The second event that stood out for me was the following, about a bird:
When Carol was seven or eight years old, what seemed to be an enormous hawk soared in and landed unnaturally close to her in the pasture. This of course is contrary to the natural instincts of a hawk. She stood there looking at it and remembers nothing more. She doesn't remember walking back to the house or the hawk flying away." (Worley.)
I found that interesting because of my own eagle experiences (which I posted about earlier today)  and my interest in animals within UFO narratives in general.

Next, there is the "large brilliant red-orange object" Carol saw, along with other witnesses. Or, were they? Many times others in the presence of a UFO will not look at the object, will not look up, will not discuss the event. This was the case here:
The neighbors and Carol's daughter became very excited, however, they would still not believe Carol's story -- and refused to look at the object." (Worley.)
Worley also reports on Sasquatch-UFO encounters.

The blimp shaped object -- seen in 1931! -- was interesting not only because of its date, but I've had many dreams where I've seen bathtub type UFOs, or crates, blimp type objects. These dreams are always the same: I'm either in the front yard of my childhood home, or in the tree on my neighbor's property, at night, waiting for "them." If I'm in the tree, it's because "they" put me there to wait. I was born in 1954, so these events took place from about 1960 on.

If anyone has any information on this article, I'd appreciate hearing from you. You can past a comment here or email me at

More Eagle

After I posted here at the Orb about my eagle synchronicity this morning, saw this link on my Facebook page about eagle hatchings.

Oregon Bans Sky Lanterns

In effect January 1st, 2017, sky lanterns, or Chinese lanterns, are banned in Oregon. $2,000 fine for those who set them aloft.

So, no more reports of UFOs on New Year's. Or at least, reports due to those orange glowing lanterns. Of which, I had my sighting on New Year's in 2015. Coming up from the east and flying towards us (due west) we saw one orange glowing thing, then another, then more… a few brief excited moments, thinking "orange orbs!" "UFOs!" but quickly recognized they were not UFOs at all, but lanterns.

Synchronicity: Portals Open?

This morning, dozing in bed not ready to get up yet, allowing my mind to just wander and half-dream, the image of a bald eagle popped into my head. My mind was full of thoughts about the bald eagle, it's symbolism, it's juxtapositions (fanatical nationalism vs. gentle patriotism), it's power in cultures the world over, etc. I was developing quite the professorial lecture on bald eagles in my head.

We wake up, are in the kitchen making our breakfasts. Jim creates a little mix of cream cheese with bleu cheese dressing. I mention the cheese balls we used to make during this time of year, using cream cheese and bleu cheese, among other ingredients. We talked about the co-worker he got the original recipe from. We agreed it would be a treat to make those again.

Go into the living room to have our morning meal and read the paper. Right there on the page in the city section is a color photograph of a bald eagle. Turn to another section; a recipe for a cheese ball. Not only that, but "Oregon Cheese Ball." (I live in Oregon.) First two ingredients: cream cheese and bleu cheese.

Register-Guard, December 28 2016 photo by Chris Pietsch

So, trivial as these two synchronicities are, it's still startling. Often such synchronicities are trivial. But is their very appearance trivial? I don't think so.

Register-Guard December 28 2016

What makes the series of synchronicities come and go? Is it us - -- something we're doing, consciously or unconsciously, that invites or allows whatever force that presents synchronicities to visit us? Maybe. It could also be intent on our part, intentional inviting in of such things. For example, when working with crystals and stones as well as meditation, I've increased the synchronicites that occur. There's a paranormal/supernatural connection too. Sometimes, when I've been active in thinking about UFOs, these synchronicities happen. (Which suggests that there is a lot more we don't understand about the UFO experience, and that it just isn't mindless alien-bots or nuts and bolts.) The body's state of health seems to have something to do with this: for two weeks now I've been "off," down with some kind of stomach virus, fatigue, a bit of typical seasonal depression, and a bad tooth. Might be a weakened physical state lowers all of our defenses, not just physical, opening up our awareness of normally undetected things. We're able to sense what's  coming through the portals.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dreaming Synchronicity: Orange Orbs

Night before last, I had a dream about orange orbs:

I receive an odd piece of mail. A poorly put together pamphlet about a UFO researcher -- one I'd never heard of -- from back east. He invited me to speak at a UFO conference he was heading up. The photo of this researcher that was included in the pamphlet was grainy, and not the best image. He was slovenly and just did not look legitimate. The invitation he sent didn't have any useful information; just the date and location of the conference, along with the name of hotel in the area. But I had no idea if I was going to be paid for speaking or if my travel expenses would be taken of. Was I expected to appear for free, pay my own way? Not that I expected to get paid, I realized it's rare when speakers get paid. But clarification would be nice. I finally decide that this whole thing seems shady and I decide to ignore the whole thing. I just didn't want to be involved with this person.

After this, Jim and I are standing on the sidewalk in front of our house, talking to some neighbors. It's twilight. I look to the north and see a large orange orb, very close by and just a few feet above the rooftops. I try to get everyone's attention but they're not interested in looking. Jim says "Oh, it's just the sun setting. Or rising. " Shrug. I say "Well, the sun doesn't set or rise in the NORTH!" I continue watching, and see three smaller orange orbs exiting from the large orb. I try to get everyone's attention again and get really annoyed: "Why aren't you even curious?! Just look and make up your own mind what it is, but for crying out loud, look damn it!" Jim looks, and agrees it's odd, but no one else looks. They look at me however, shaking their heads, as if I'm a sorry case for making things up.
To keep things interesting, I saw this story on my Facebook page today. A report of an orange orb sighting (with pics) in Florida on December 25th.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Plane-Drone-UFO- Early Morning Synchronicity

Yesterday morning I had a little odd moment of "What was that thing anyway?"
For some reason, the night before, and all the morning as I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about the strange brilliant white spheres I saw over the playground at the school where I worked. I am now at a different school, but it's just six blocks or so down from the one I used to be at.

At the previous location, I saw over the course of several days, strange things in the daytime sky. Low flying white things, (estimated to be a mere thirty feet or so above ground) not much bigger than a seagull, just zooming by. Looking back, possibly drones, but this was before the big drone bonanza. Open fields surrounding the playground, but I never saw anyone out there who could be operating the things. During this same time, I also saw white sphere shaped lights just zipping across the sky. These appeared to be lit from within, just brilliant-white light, and (again, estimating) to be about the height of a low flying plane. Twenty thousand feet? Maybe a bit less? One day I asked a student walking by if he saw what I saw. He looked up, watched it as it flew by, then shrugged and said "I don't know, a UFO maybe?" and went on his way.

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about all this. Still thinking about it while I was standing outside at the school during my cross-walk supervision. I looked up, watching the geese who hang out on the field next to the playground, and notice a rectangular shaped object flying overhead. Seemed the size of a plane -- a little larger -- and at the height of a plane. What struck me was the brilliant white light. At first I though it must have been the sun glinting off it. But the white light (or so I assumed; it seemed to be an object that was lit from within) was so consistent over the entire thing, and stayed at the same level of brilliance the whole time I was watching it. It moved in a straight line, like a plane, but seemed to move faster. Then, it just disappeared. Gone.

I was struck by oddness of the synchronicity and the box-like, rectangular shape, not to mention the intense white light. Very unplane like. Yet, it flew in a straight line and at the height of a plane. One could say it was a UFO (man made or other wordily) disguising itself as a plane. How many people are looking up at the sky at 7:30 in the morning? And, of course, one could also say it was simply a plane.

I admit to a nagging feeling that something was not quite right about that however. The shape and the light -- just too odd.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coast to Coast tonight:Strange Pings & ET Crash Retrievals

That's what I like: your straight forward UFO/paranormal stuff on good old Coast to Coast. Tonight: Strange Pings & ET Crash Retrievals . Guest Linda Moulton Howe. Also, "multi-sensory clairvoyant" Janie Boisclair who talks with ETs and spirits from the first Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Orange Orbs and more on Coast to Coast

Jimmy Church is the host tonight on C2C. One of the topics promised to be discussed: orange orbs.Upcoming Show Summaries & Highlights | Coast to Coast AM

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Voices in the Dark, Abduction Dreams

A strange coincidence last night. I woke up suddenly, from a deep sleep. What woke me was Jim's voice. He said something very loud, very clear (though I couldn't make out what the words were.) It was as if he was talking to someone -- it sounded like he was right outside the bedroom door. But he was fast asleep in bed right next to me. This wasn't him talking in his sleep, or a dream. His voice had awakened me. I felt very uneasy.

Earlier this evening, I told Jim about this odd incident. He then told me, he awoke in the middle of the night (morning really) and thought he had heard someone on the porch, and the sound of the mailbox, or something, being moved. (True, it could have been someone messing around on our porch.) But he also told me he heard a voice talking to him and that's what woke him. It was a clear voice, very direct. Jim sleeps with earplugs in and the voice woke him.

For some reason when he told me that a very creepy feeling came over me. A sort of "there's more to this than just dreaming" kind of thing. We both looked at each other and got that shivery feeling that something is up in the realm.

The night before, I had a dream where I was waiting for some people, and they were very late. Days late. I'm standing outside, nighttime, under the starry sky. The people arrive, one by one. They tell me they've been abducted and that's where they've been all this time. I asked them if they remember any of their experience or did they have missing time. They told me they did indeed remember and that it was gruesome. They didn't want to remember. One said "I wish I had missing time, I don't want to remember."

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Another Musing on Theory

After all this time, no answers. Theories, and usually those are presented as "THE" theory. A one time, one size fits all offering. Naturally, those theories don't work. So we're back to it.

But the classics still hold. Keel, Vallee, among them and many more. While I still think that some UFOs are literal spaceships from other planets (within our own solar system) there remains a huge part of the UFO phenomenon that doesn't fit that opinion. And that's the part that many find frustrating; what is it? Why does it do what it does? How does it fit in with … just about everything?

Well, as to "why" we don't know. Though it seems obvious "they" enjoy playing games, and maybe that's the why. That simple. Great joker, trickster, mind games playing energies that perform and contradict just for the hell of it. There's no great mystical "why" just that they're inter dimensional assholes. Or, maybe not, of course. Some say their performances are to wake us up -- that implies an altruistic agenda on their part.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Vallee on Sagan

Reading Colin Wilson's Alien Dawn, which I'm greatly enjoying. Excellent; it's been added to my list of books every saucer head should read.

Wilson had no trust or much respect for Carl Sagan, and in context of UFOs, this is understandable. Wilson refers to Sagan as an "…ambitious career scientist.."  A quote from Vallee on Sagan:

"If the saucers turn out to be significant, Sagan will take the credit for having theorized about cosmic visitors. If they are discredited, he will claim he always saw clearly through their mythical character." (Alien Dawn, p 112)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coast to Coast This is More Like It, and, How I Don't Make Friends...

Tonight on Coast to Coast Shows: Linda Moultan Howe, and Rich Newman who will talk about his research on "creepy bridges."

I have been listening to Coast to Coast since the Art Bell days. Give me all the good solid old fashioned Fortean, anomalous stuff: ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, reptilians, lizard men, Sasquatch, monsters of all kinds, cryptids of all kinds, conspiracies (mainly paranormal/supernatural related), religions of a paranormal kind… all that stuff.

Politics, economics, and health, loosely tied to conspiracy and even less so to paranormal themes, not interested. Yet those subjects are the subject of Coast to Coast frequently. I'm bored! I am not interested. Give me contactees, abductees and orbs. More of the latter, much less, in fact none, of the former.

I'll accept spirits of the dead, life after death, and topics covering that realm, like dreams, but politics? How our money is worthless, Big Pharma is ruining both our health as well as our very lives? While true -- I have no argument against that -- I don't want to hear it on Coast to Coast. It's the only program on old fashioned, old school radio, of its kind. Stick to the weird, the unexplainable, the mysterious.

Oh, and don't get met started on skeptics and silly shills, like Seth-from-SETI.

While I'm at it, let's talk about George Noory. I realize I am risking some ire and if I ever am fortunate enough to see my works in print in a bona fide book form (Bigfoot from Outer Space stuff, Orange Orbs, etc.) I will not be asked to be a guest. But Noory drives me insane. I cannot stand his constant interrupting - just when a guest is into delivering a great bit of information, making an interesting point, raising a good question, along comes Noory with some inane, stupid, insipid question or comment. SERIOUSLY?! (And see what I've just done? He's made me regress to middle school speak.) He restates the guest's point in the lamest terms. Noory asks questions that the guest just addressed, as if the guest hadn't even brought the point up in the first place. My poor little transistor radio is duct taped in places; it's been thrown across the room so many times in sheer and agonizing frustration.

Many guest hosts on Coast to Coast are excellent. I realize they have a great gig and I have no idea how they truly feel about Noory. And, they might (assuming they read my blog which I realize of course, they don't, let alone know who I am) find Noory an intelligent guy and deep thinker.  But I find it intriguing I can admire and respect the likes of George Knapp, or Connie Willis, or Jimmy Church, who step in for Noory, while they make strange bed fellows indeed. I don't blame them at all, hell, if I were in their shoes, I'd do the same.

This is just my personal rant; against the non-paranormal, non-supernatural, non-weird slant Coast to Coast gives us too often. I understand the argument is something like "we try to give a broad array of subjects" and "we're not going to please everyone all the time" but I'd love to access a mainstream show that devotes itself to the weird all the time. (What I'd give to have a twenty-four hour television station devoted to UFO and paranormal topics.) (Not streaming on-line, but your every day serviceable television-on-the-TV show.)