Monday, April 18, 2022

Media and The Death Card (And a Killing Eve Spoiler Alert)


 I loved, with a passion Killing Eve. Did not read the novels, but from the beginning, was hooked on the BBC television series. LOVED it. 

The last episode, a character gives a tarot reading. A three card reading. All three cards are Major Arcana. Okay. Hmm. As usual in entertainment, the DEATH card is the last card. Cue panicked looks, dramatic music, lots of doom vibes. 

The DEATH card does not mean literal death. But as usual, for dramatic purposes, it always means death with a capitol D in movies and television. (We can say it represents rebirth, the shedding of old ways and into the new, but not dying a horrible death run over by a bus while in stage 4 after being bit by a venomous snake with no known antidote.)

And sure enough. . . 

Oh hell, I can't say it. But it sucked. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

More Facebook Mind Reading . . .

UPDATE: I DVR John Oliver Last Week Tonight, which airs on Sunday and watch it later. Yesterday's episode (Sunday) I watched tonight, Monday night. The main story was all about cookies, data sharing, algorithms, apps that follow your searches,  etc. How ads will show up on someone's phone or FB, etc. specifically aimed for that individual. Another disconcerting synchronicity.

A few more examples of Facebook's In Your Head algorithm, from my FB page. See the post below for more.

 march 21, 2022

Another FB AI mind invasion synchronicity: I made falafels last night. They were pretty bad. Frozen ones from TJ's. In the past, I made my own but that was long ago. So I got lazy and used the frozen kind. Yuck. Jim and I agreed it would be fun to go back and try to make our own from scratch next time. So today, sure enough, an ad pops up on FB about Falafel recipes. I don't have a smart phone, I don't have Siri or Alexa, etc. Just another red pill blue pill eat me drink me day.

feb. 28, 2022

Another weird spooky FB ad: Lately, I've been noticing I've been losing hair. I've been letting my hair grow out. Don't know what the cause is for this: age, post-menopause, type of shampoo, who knows. So today, after my shower, I freaked once again at the amount of lost hair. Sure enough, I go on FB, and see ads for shampoos for women with thinning hair. I have not done any searches on Google or elsewhere for such. FB, get out of my head!

jan 4 2022

FB just recommended a horse tack site for me. I love animals, but am not a horse person. I don't ride, I don't own one, and I don't know anything about horses. I both fear them and think they're cool. But still. FB and its Russian bot global cabal Illuminati reptilian implant algorithms.

I wasn’t talking about horses or even animals, and so this doesn’t really fit into this structure, but it is interesting. Did this horse track recommendation appear because I am, in general, an animal lover? 

Is Facebook in Our Heads?

 Another weird, "coincidental" FB robotic I'm in your head episode: this morning, read a recipe in the paper for a pasta-veggie-cheese casserole dish. I was saying to Jim how I liked the idea of the recipe, but I would change it. For example, I'd use spinach, add mushrooms, and a different pasta, maybe fettuccini. Just now, on my page, I see a post about a pasta-veggie-cheese recipe, with mushrooms, except it used spinach and a wide noodle. I need to start keeping track of these things. It's too spooky. And once again, I don't have Siri, Alexa, or a smart phone and the mic is off on the laptop.

I've had several of these kinds of coincidental episodes. I'm going to take my own advice and start keeping track.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Animals are Waiting


A powerful dream last night. Not much detail, only the intense emotional content and the message. Which was: 

An angelic presence, more than one, or guides, messengers, telling me I needed to hear this. That the way to an authentic spiritual life, connection, a way to navigate all the anomalous weirdness in this realm of High Strangeness, was to connect with animal spirit. All animals. Every animal. Their spirits. They are waiting for me, for us, to agree with them that yes, this is acceptable and we will listen, we will hear, we will share our stories. We will be here with you. We will communicate. We will accept your messages. We will be patient and listen and share and use what you have told us to grow, to live a deeper life.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Unidentified Body Found In Cemetery

In Oregon, a dead body was found in a what seemed to be a home made open casket, left behind some trees in a a cemetery:  Unidentified body found in casket at Linn County cemetery | Local |
So far, no info on identity of the body, who left it there, etc. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Spectacular OBE

 The other night, Dr. Bruce Goldberg was on Coast to Coast. I only listened to the first five minutes and then decided to just go to sleep. Before the interview, as I was getting into bed, I set the intention to access bona fide information regarding my missing time and orange orb sighting. I also threw in prayers to Arch Angel Michale and spirit guides for protection.  (I had given up on hypnosis -- the one time I tried it was interesting in terms of imagery and imagination and dream type symbolism, but as to truth, or at least, a meaty memory -- nah.) So, intention set, radio off, and to dream land I went.

And then I had the most wonderful and fruitful OOBE's I've ever had. I felt myself leaving my body! With that, I heard the faint sounds, but also, felt the bed shaking beneath me. That was a new one. And, I sensed, and almost saw, entities surrounding me. They were not negative. Not necessarily new agey groovy vibe loving either, but not malevolent. 

I was telling myself to not stop, not fear, not snap back into my body. Which I didn't. Instead, for the first time, I felt myself rotating after I left my body. I was only about two feet above my body, spinning around, and then... upside down! I was looking at my body in the bed. I was above my body.

And, sadly, that's all I remember. But, for me, the shaking of the bed, the energies surrounding me, and the rotating of my astral body, were all new things for me. Progress. And not negative.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Vampire Deer

 When I read this headline on Boing Boing I thought "Cool. First we had the "not deer" cryptid and now, vampire deer!" Quickly realized there's no such thing of course. Actually, it's not called "vampire" deer so much as it is the Chinese Water Deer. Instead of antlers, both male and female grow fangs. Nothing supernatural but very interesting. I'm always interested in odd quirky facts about animals. 

Read about the small, fanged deer on Boing Boing.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Just Thinking Out Loud: Abductees


Almost finished with the reorganization of my bookshelves, and realized I have a lot of books about abductions. (rough count: over fifty books, on abductions along.) Not just collected narratives (David Jacobs, gasp!) but individuals about their personal encounters, from Whitley Strieber to the recent Forbidden Knowledge, by Kathleen Marden. (I've just started reading her book today.) Oh, and Marden happens to be Betty and Barney Hills niece.

So I wonder. For every book published by a single individual about his or her experience, (and the others in those narratives, if any) how many more are out there who haven't published a book?

Who haven't blogged, or used other social media outlets to tell their stories?

How many have never shared their experiences with anyone other than their closet family members, or friends?

How many have never shared their experiences with anyone?

Lon Strickler's The Meme Humanoids: Modern Myth or Real Monsters


Lon Strickler’s recent book The Meme Humanoids: Modern Myths or Real Monsters is a good contribution to the cryptid data pile. The topic is somewhat fresh: Rakes, Slender Man, Tall Whites  and similar beings. . . while those stories have been around for awhile I don’t think anyone has devoted efforts to create a collection of narratives about these encounters. In Strickler’s book you have a great collection of very weird experiences involving, among other things, “creepy pasta” cryptids.  That was a new term for me. Creepy pasta, pasta cryptids, etc. are those creatures that started out as fictional but somehow, sometimes,  became real. (Example: Slender Man was the creation of Eric Knudsen and not a real being.)

Some find the fact that Strickler doesn’t offer us solutions to these encounters frustrating. I find it refreshing. There’s of course, which is all any of us have, but the fact there are so many similar experiences of a highly weird kind reported by people all over the world is enough for me. I still don’t know what these creatures are, or why they are, but it’s not Strickler’s job to decide that for us, and he doesn’t. He simply presents us with a good collection of personal stories.

A question that Strickler poses: are humans capable of projecting, or creating,  thought forms, turning them into actual beings? (Think Tulpas, for example.) Is that what is happening here, at least in some cases? The title of the book forces us to think about this; are these creatures, once myth, now real? If you consider myth to mean real, but in another sense, you're on to something, I think. 

The last story in the book is an odd one. It is written almost like a horror fiction novel, which Strickler acknowledges. Something about this last encounter in the book seemed off; too much creative writing, not to mention one hell of an unbelievable story. And that’s saying something; some readers might think “All of it is unbelievable!”

But Lon Strickler includes this story and he gives his reasons why. The inclusion of the story is a good way to end the book.

If you are interested in cryptids or the paranormal UFO world in general, you will want to read this book.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Case of the Curious Dollhouse

 Which remains unsolved.

I found this photograph as I was working the book room we're clearing out. It was near an envelope from the U of O, Folklore Department. I majored in folklore there; and yard art, outsider art was an interest of mine, still is. So I know I spent a lot of time taking pictures of yard art, things I found along the way, colorful mailboxes and folk art, especially religious or spiritual inspired folk, or outsider art. (The two; folk and outsider, are not necessarily the same thing.) In fact, the photo was near an envelope full of photos I took at the Saturday Market, where a woman who went by the name of Sister Bear decorated holy cards and night lights of Jesus and Mary.

I have no memory of taking this photo though. None. What an odd thing to find; a dollhouse in the middle of a pasture. Just sitting there. The area looks to be in the Lorane area, a rural area right outside of town, an area I drove through all the time and still do.

This will make a very neat mixed media, collage piece! 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Women, Octopi, A Rainy Town

 Books I'm reading, all at once. Not literally all at once, but these four books are on my pile here and I take turns reading bits of all of them all the day long.

First off, Emma Woods. Yes, Emma! She has written a book about her life long experiences: Glimpses of Magonia. Each chapter has a poetic word gift from Alfred Lehmberg. I've just started reading the book, so can't give a review. Not that none is necessary, since, when it comes to a person's experiences, who am I to say?

Another book by an experiencer of the other world realm: Cosmic Witch; Magic, Witchcraft, and the Supernatural, by Susan Demeter. Just started reading it. Again, another woman who has experienced the "other" since childhood. 


On a different not, or maybe not so much, given the alien like qualities -- almost magical -- of octopi and celphapods: Other Minds: The Octopus, The Sea, and The Deep Origins of Consciousness, by Peter Godfrey-Smith. Just a bit into it but I love this book. It's science, sure, but written so that the layperson can easily understand the concepts here. It is a philosophy book, not a strict hard science book. And as someone who love octopi, this book is definitely a joy. 

Lastly, there's a vintage paperback I found while going through my "room of doom" (now renamed "Room of Opportunity" thanks to Karyn Dolan's suggestion) of books. 1955; A Town is Drowning, by Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. Both were science fiction writers, the two were collaborators on this non-sci-fi novel about a town suddenly deluged -- literally -- and relationships among the townsfolk. So far it has a slight if Koontz Met King vibe. (I like Koontz -- love his Frankenstein series! -- but much prefer King. Mainly, on a personal values/political values sensibility.)  Not too far into it but I am enjoying the writing. Love the pulp cover art.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Second Hypnosis Session: Not, and, Remote Viewing

 I decided to not continue with they hypnosis. Possibly, in the future, if I find someone really deep into this realm, I might, but for now, nope. While it was an interesting experience, and, nothing to lose, it didn't reveal anything. On some level, possibly. But in a literal level, no. And right now, despite the poetic/metaphoric/symbolic part, I wanted a deeper, more "real", literal, answer.

Nothing against the person who guided me on the journey. Person seemed very genuine and was nice. And mostly, did not think at all I was out of mind. 

Still, we need more. 

I'm wondering if remote viewing would work. Remote viewing  missing time. My own, or Jim's. Would my own remote viewing of my experience only be the same as the "hypnosis?" Or should I remote view Jim's, and he, mine? I don't know. Advice here is gratefully appreciated.

So for now, back to trying to work it all out via art, remote viewing, dreams...back to the drawing board.

Does it matter? Depends on what context you choose to frame all this in. In UFO Land, it matters. In context of Covid Hell, and Putin's horrific invasion of Ukraine, it don't mean shit. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

My First Hypnosis, and A VERY Eerie Synchronicity

 Hypnosis session number one:

After breathing and body relaxation exercises, I was asked to walk down a hall full of pictures of me at various ages. When I got to the one where Jim and I had our first case of missing time, I stopped, and was asked to enter the picture:

We’re holding hands standing at the top of a ramp like drive-way. At the end of the driveway is a garage, the garage door is closed, almost touching the ground. It’s about four inches up from the ground. A yellow beam of light can be seen under the door.

For some reason, Jim and I are both intrigued by this light but also a bit uneasy. After looking at the light for a bit, he says “Let’s get out of here” and I agree. We leave.

But, now I’m back at the garage. I walk down the slanting drive-way, suddenly it shifts and becomes like a half pipe. Wobbly, I’m a little dizzy. I see that a very large something inside the garage is pressing against the door; I can see the indentation. It’s not trying to get out, it’s just pressing against the metal of the door. Must be pretty strong and big to do that.

I still see the yellow light and now lots of white lights, dancing around. Not quite orbs, more like beams shooting around. I’m both a little scared and also interested, almost enchanted. I feel like Alice Through the Looking Glass. 

Now, Jim and I are both inside the garage. I don’t know how we got inside. We are not together; he’s off by himself at one side of the place, I’m on the other side. You’d think we’d be together but we’re by ourselves. I notice he’s wearing the peacoat he always wore back then. His hands are in his pockets, he’s looking around, in awe. As am I. 

This place is huge. It’s about thirty feet high. Now I see the Geisha Alien being. (I had a dream around this time of being inside a white geodesic dome, sitting on the floor across from a seven foot or so gray alien. I know it’s female. She’s wearing a wig like a Geisha. No emotion, highly intelligent. I am furious she’s keeping me from Jim, who is somewhere in this place.) I am surprised the Geisha Alien from my dream is here. She is incredibly tall, almost touches the ceiling. Around her are about a dozen grays. They are about four feet in height. While she is extremely intelligent -- though a cold bitch -- the little guys aren’t so smart. They just do what they’re told.

I know Jim is aware of their presence but I’m not sure he can physically see them. Why I think this I don’t know. I can see them.

Inside this place close to the door is a large classic flying saucer. It’s so typical, almost comic book like, it makes me laugh. I mention this to the hypnotist. But, it’s what I see. It’s also mainly a gold color, which doesn’t jibe with the usual chrome or silver color. 

I know that I’m going to end up inside that thing. Craft, UFO, ship. I walk under it. You’d think I would have been brought to it, probably by the creatures, but I seem to walk under it on my own. 

I find myself inside. Not sure how I got inside. It’s smaller than I thought. Little rooms with curved walls. That gold light again. The Geisha alien is back. This time she’s six feet tall, a far more normal size. She’s acting very personable; “This is where you’ll be staying,” she says, friendly. But she’s faking being friendly. She doesn’t talk; we appear to be communicating telepathically. She ushers me into a small almost empty room. There’s a metal table, white. She has me sit on the table, then she leaves.

I’m sitting on the table. The hypnotist asks me how I feel now, and what do I see, looking down on myself. I am watching this from above.


I tell her I feel like a little kid, I see myself down there sitting on the table and wearing anklets, Mary Janes, a dress just like I would have worn in first grade in the 1950s.

I feel both a little scared and bored, like a little kid. Then I flash to when I was a little kid and had those experiences where I’d float out the door after focusing on the yellow beam of light under the door. “They” would take me outside and leave me waiting high up in a tree. I would be excited, and loved watching the stars while I waited.

That was it. I told the hypnotist i don’t how real any of this was, and how much was just my mind free floating around. Was any of this a literal memory? Bits, parts of actual events? I can’t say.

A Very Eerie Synchronicity:

I told all this to Jim when I got home of course. He remembered my Geisha Alien dream.  Then he said “You know, Michael (his brother) had a similar dream around that same time.” First I heard of it! 

Michael had a dream that really disturbed him, of a tall alien like creature he knew was female and “looked like a Geisha, he described it that way.” She had six fingers.

I never told his brother about my dream, only Jim. 

And how is it you can live with someone for forty-plus years, go through all kinds of unexplained and anomalous experiences together, talk about them endlessly, and yet, this “coincidence” of his brother’s dream and mine just went unmentioned? 

In Summary:

Well I just don’t know. I expected, despite the hypnotists assurances it wouldn’t work that way, to go super deep/under, like what we see on television with people recalling, eyes squeezed tight, their experiences in explicit detail. Me, it was just . . . a light drowsy time, I was fully awake and aware, and didn’t trust what I saw. Or at least, didn’t trust it as literal. 

Like dreams, where symbols stand in to represent something deeper, more, behind the often illogical image, my “recall” wasn’t literal. I don’t think. I mean, really, a large classic UFO saucer inside a garage in the middle of West Hollywood with a thirty foot tall female alien wearing a Geisha wig? 

But as the hypnotist said, when I told her all this, “it’s real on some level.” I agree with that. Scratching at the truth. It’s hard work. Is it worth it? Are there other ways to go about it? Why do some people remember so much while others do not?

Is there a there there, in other words? Is it worth going back for another session? I think so; I do have an appointment in two weeks. After that, I don’t know.

I’ve tried to get at this from a lot of angles: dream work,  art, tarot, writing, talking, connecting with others, research (I have a good four hundred books on UFOs and related subjects) and I still don’t know what happened.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

First Hypnosis Session: Changed My Mind

 Changed my mind, but not about going through with the session. At first, I was going to explore the Orange Orb sighting. As I've blogged about before, so much disagreement between Jim and myself about that encounter. We do agree that there was missing time and an orange orb, but after that... so much we disagree about. And what we disagree about changes.

Too much to start off with. Too much to unpack.

Before the orange orb sighting, Jim and I had another missing time experience, this one, in Los Angeles (West Hollywood.) We agree on everything. How we felt, what we saw, the missing time, and so on. No disagreements. We simply don't know what happened. Not to mention why. 

Were we drugged? Coming back from Barney's Beanery, a pub pool hall we visited a few times a week. In fact, that's where Jim and I met for the first time. But, who would drug both of us, and why? Nothing was missing, we didn't have vague feelings of unease or assault. 

So, a mystery. After a week long discussion, I decided to start off with that night instead of the orange orb in Oregon sighting. 

Tomorrow is the day. It might reveal nothing, it might reveal something odd but mundane, or . . . who knows.

The West Hollywood Missing Time:

Jim and I are walking back from Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood. We see a strange light. Or rather, not so strange, but we felt strange. There was just something very weird about it. We stop and look at it. The light is coming from underneath a garage door type thing. There's a long ramp like driveway or something like that leading to it. For some reason, we feel uncomfortable and Jim turns to me and says "Yeah, let's get out of here." I agree.

We enter the apartment, which he shares with his brother and mother. I've been living there for awhile. When we get inside we are very surprised at the time. It's 3 a.m. or so! It's taken us a couple of hours to walk back -- what?! We agree it's weird, very weird, but laugh it off and go right to bed. No discussion on the weird light or missing time. We wake up, go out into the living room. His mom and brother are surprised to see us. "I thought you two were long gone!" says his mother. She tells us she assumed we had left early because it was so quiet in our room, not a sound. At no time did either of us leave the room to use the bathroom, etc. Jim and I are stunned to find it is four o'clock in the afternoon!