Monday, March 4, 2024

Waiting for "Them"

 I am soon to be seventy years old. Happy Birthday to me! I made it so far, including this bout with cancer. I will NOT give up. I am fighting every day. That aside. . . been thinking lately of my childhood encounters with aliens. Or, non-human beings, anyway. 

It occurred to me, recently, that these memories includes barely seen entities that resemble the "grays." Or, "greys." About my height at the time (age around ten years old even younger) yet, I don't remember these beings as being seen in a literal sense. Or they were they all right. Utterly aware of their presence. Vivid. To this day. But the visual memory, the visual appearance of the aliens (or whatever one wants to call them) escapes me. I know they were there, I know they were about my height, I know they were in "control." They l like to play, they liked to "dance" with me before taking me out through the front door of our home and place me on a branch high up in the fir tree in our neighbors yard, where I'd wait for "them" to appear. Them being ships, often in the guise of a weird bathtub type object with a large sail above it 

Sometimes a friend of mine from elementary school, and also high school, appears in these scenarios, we are both up in the tree, waiting for "them."

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