Tuesday, February 27, 2024

James Bond and Spatula

 Two episodes of synchronicity today; both trivial, if not also oddly humorous. Last night I had a funny dream where I'm in a fancy hotel suite, and James Bond (s) kept popping in. Different men, different ages and types, but each one was James Bond. They were all James Bond. There were even a couple of female James Bond. No idea what this meant just one of those silly dreams.

Earlier last night, watching an episode of Sex Education, a character utters the word "spatula" in a very specific way.

This morning, I'm reading the newspaper, and one of the word jumble puzzle things is about James Bond. And on the same page, the word "spatula" appears prominently in another word jumble thing.

As usual, at least with me, these types of synchronicities are vivid but also silly. The Cosmic Joker abides.

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