Thursday, December 28, 2023

Healing Power of Cats

 I posted in November that our eighteen year old cat Mango has passed on. 

Two  weeks ago we adopted two cats. We didn't have any intention of getting two cats, but after visiting with a few cats at the animal shelter, we found this bonded pair (had to be adopted together) and we just fell in love. 

They are four years old. When we brought them home they immediately adjusted to their new environment. They behaved as if they've always lived here. Amazing.

Both cats are extremely affectionate. They sleep with me when I'm having an off day due to chemo. They sense my physical condition and it is very healing to have them with me.


Nicco, and Loki. (we changed Loki's name to Loki, originally it was Dexter. He is much more of a Loki.) I call Nicco The Emperor, I don't know why but he reminds me of an ancient Japanese ruler, a very regal personage.


Cats, of course, have long been associated with magick and mystery, witches and healers. Easy to see why. 

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