Wednesday, October 18, 2023

And in Today's Creepy Clown News . . .

 Another creepy clown stalking residents. This one even has a Facebook page daring the coppers to catch him.

Forteana has its share of strange clowns alarming locals. Clowns in white vans, clowns in parks and at the edge of the woods, just . . . staring. Clowns have two sides; the sweet happy clown person entertaining children with balloon animals and silly tricks, and the other side. The Penny Wise, IT clown. The murderous clowns from American Horror. All those sweaty greasy clowns in smelly clowns with giant flapping shoes and garish colors that disturb us adults. Like me; I really detest clowns. Underneath all that gaiety is a plethora of nasty and dark intent. 

But that's just me. 

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