Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Cats and (Chickens): Energies

 Still missing our nineteen year old cat Mango, who went off on his own to die. We want to get another cat, but not quite ready yet. Looked at some at an adoption event last week; were tempted but the whole thing had Jim depressed and so, we wait. In the meantime. This is what I posted the other day on my Facebook page:


What a weird day. Last night, talking about how cats were all over this block; that's how we found four of our cats, all strays that just showed up and never left. Haven't seen cats around for some time. This morning, I was in the front yard and saw a calico looking cat in our yard. He or she froze. I spoke gently to it but she dashed away; stopped, looked back at me and froze again before taking off. Wary thing; she ran under the parked cars to the end of the block.  

The day just got better and better: 

Earlier this morning, woke up to a wet floor. The hall was wet, the bathroom floor flooded. Something happened to the pipe under the sink; went to the store to buy a part, it was the wrong size, went back to return it, they didn't have the size we needed.
So that was fun, cleaning all that up.
Also, noticed one of the hooks on the bathroom wall where I had some necklaces hanging had fallen off, onto the floor.
And to wrap things up, watching a movie in the "roku" room, with the big sound, and the sound bar wasn't working. Just kaput. Tried to figure out why it wasn't working but no clue.
Strange energies.

Night before last, had a dream :

that I found a shopping cart with a cat that looked just like Mango, except, it wasn't. Quite. I thought he was dead for he never moved at all, was curled up like he was sleeping. By his feet were two kittens that looked just like him. They were very sweet and friendly, so damn cute! I was angry at the people I lived with, because I would go out of town for a few days at a time and no one was taking care of the cats. "How could you be so cold and cruel as to ignore these babies?" I said. Shrugs on their part. So I decide to stay home and take care of them. 

Last night, dreamt I found a large white cat that looked just like our cat (who passed a few years ago) but it wasn't. It was, but wasn't. (typical dream logic.) He was outside in our bushes; I picked him up but was careful not to hurt him because his front paws were bleeding. He was very sweet and loving. HIs fur got stuck in my white nail polish which wasn't quite dry so I had to remove all my polish before going to a job interview. The woman at the interview mentions I hadn't done my nails. I tell her what happened, she laughed.

Today, out in the yard, I see a beautiful black cat. Never seen it before. Had a collar. Very friendly and sweet; was going back and forth between the neighbor's house and ours. A few moments late, when we went inside, we saw it sitting on our porch. Came right up to us. I assumed it's the new neighbor's  cat since they just moved in a few days ago and the cat is new to the street, plus it was hanging around on the neighbor's porch. 

Then, just to underline the animal energy vibe, I hear, then see, three chickens in my neighbor's driveway across the street. They walked down the drive and across the street in a single line. Her new neighbors recently bought a coop but obviously the chickens managed to get out. 

With all this cat energy around maybe our new cat will come into our lives very soon. I hope so!


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