Monday, December 11, 2006

The Demise and Return of The Orange Orb

I am still trying to get answers from Blogspot, but in switching over to their ridiculous new blog thing, which is "better" than the old blog thing, all of my brilliant insights into UFO Land have been lost. Eaten, gone, vanished, -- ceased to be. This has caused me to cry, scream, and in general freak out. Really freak out. I suppose I should blame myself for not saving a lot of my work. Sigh, I know. I know better. Still, what the hell happened within the guts of bloggerdom? No idea.

No answers, not from blogspot. I keep getting some weird loop error message, and from what I've found out so far, is that maybe my blog is still out there somewhere. It all has to do with templates and different names and whatever.

I'm too dazed to care.

I lost it all on Sunday while I was writing a piece on L.A. and ufos.

I was so frustrated I went and got a "real" host/server (at least I have domanin names now, heh) and soon I'll be switching over to them.

In the meantime, here I am, and we'll see what happens.

UPDATE: Joined the google/blogspot hybrid email list; I suppose the good news is that others are having this trouble as well. It's not good news; I don't wish this on anyone, but good to know it's blogging hell and not me. There's hope still.

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