Thursday, January 4, 2007


(credit goes to writer and Fortean Colin Bennett who coined the term "chronic skeptic")

There’s a handful of anti-UFO, chronic skeptic/mega skeptic/skepti loon blogs out there. Usually it’s best to take the usual daily lurk and move on. Some days -- blame it on bio rhythms or solar flares -- you just feel compelled to call them on their silliness. Today’s one of those days.

From the UFO Iconoclast blog, we have this comment on the O’Hare UFO sighting:

Whether or not a bona fide UFO was sighted remains to be determined.

Since no one seems to know what it was/is, it’s a UFO. Maybe they believe the modifier “bona fide” forgives their clumsy attempt at splitting that poor hair even further.

Then there’s interesting choice of gender specific analogies:

The episode has become a laughing stock, and further emasculates the UFO phenomenon,

Hmmm. They really are taking this to, er, heart.
And this:

which remains as elusive as ever, and now relegated to the bottom of society’s concerns, except as a joke stimulator.

They’re reading the right book but are on the wrong page. UFOs will always be elusive. It’s also always been at the “bottom of society's concerns.” The infrastructure won’t allow anything else. And yes, UFOs -- outside of entertainment -- are a “joke stimulator.” Always has been, always will. They have it backwards; the reasons for this are related, but it’s basically a defense mechanism of society that causes these perceptions, not UFOlogy’s “behavior.” (See George P. Hansen:
The Trickster and the Paranormal.)

And there’s this; the mantra of the chronic skeptic, who believes with blind, fanatical faith, that anyone “pro” UFO is a loser:

The UFO community’s delusion of a resurrected interest in UFOs is as misplaced as the all the copy being invested in by UFO diehards and persons seeking their daily dose of silliness (to enliven their boring, petty lives.)

And to that last comment we say: “pot calling kettle black.”

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