Friday, January 12, 2007

More From Orthon: What About That, Huh?

Still reading Colin Bennett’s Looking for Orthon, his book on George Adamski. (I’m a fast reader, but I also have this habit of reading more than one book at a time. And, contrary to what many an anti, non-UFOist blogger insists, I do have a life. Really.)

The latest is this: it’s not so easy -- as so often happens in UFOlogy and Forteana -- to dismiss Adamski as merely a faker, a liar, a huckster. Oh, if it were that simple.

If it were just Adamski that saw, or said he saw, those fantastic flying saucers, we could either put him in the basket of anomalies, or kick him to the curb in grand chronic skeptic fashion.

But others saw the saucers too. Many times.

So now what?

Adamski was also visited by government officials on a few occasions. Why?

I’m not an Adamski expert, in fact, the only book I’ve read concerning Adamski (and I’m not finished with that yet) is Bennett’s. But now I’m hooked, and can’t wait to get to other books on Adamski.

A slight tangent here; I’ve always suspected that Adamski, and many of the Contactees were victims, or products, of some sort of massive manipulation. Whether the manipulators were “Messengers of Deception,” as Vallee wrote about, The Trickster, the government with its various spooks, spies, and MIBS, or some combination, who can say. There are intriguing clues in Bennett’s book; I don’t know if he’ll go there.

But I’m looking forward to discovering more.

  • Timothy Good: George Adamski, The Untold Story (with Lou Zinsstag) (1983)

  • Contactees I Have Known; Long John Nebel

  • George Adamski Foundation
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