Monday, January 8, 2007

'Two Questions' comment on CSICOP

Comment on Ray's X-Ray Blog on the new look of good old CSICOP, now known as CSI. Yes, CSI. They've gone Hollywood, I tell you.


Ray said...


ThanX for the link.

I've been thinking about the spelling of my nickname for a CSI member, changing it to "Cissy" while keeping the same pronunciation. It makes it easier to remember.

I wonder what the chronic skeptics think about my nickname. After all, as a group, they're know for a real sense of humor...



PS: CSI = Chronic Skeptics International?

R. Lee said...

"CSI=Chronic Skeptics International"
I LOVE it!

Lesley said...

The term skeptic gets a bad rap with that lot. Agnostics are skeptics and that group happens to be atheist. Sometimes I feel sorry for the true skeptics. A true skeptic can say that something is unexplained, but CSICOP would never do that, they insist on coming up with explanations that are often more unbelievable than the paranormal explanation.

R. Lee said...

One of my all time favorites to "rationally" explain crop circles is:
Mating Hedgehogs!

(that'd make a great name for a group)

Ray said...


I read your last comment too quickly. I thought you had written: Martian Hedgehogs.

Then again, Mating Martian Hedgehogs -- why not? With wings, even.

"Here we see the male Martian hedgehog trying to attract the attention of the flying female by creating a fractal design in the cornfield...

"One joined, the Martian hedgehogs control their impulses to form more designs radiating from the first one created by the male to attract his mate..."

OK, I'll quit before I write something I'll regret. (Then again, it's probably too late!)

Going in circles,

Creating a pattern,


R. Lee said...

Ray, I love it lol.