Friday, February 16, 2007

Update on: Biscardi’s Bigfoot Carnival

There's an item by Bigfoot researcherCraig Woolheater on the Cyrptomundo blog on all this Biscardi carnival like Bigfootmania.

Christ. Tom Biscardi has gone all out, joined up with cheesy, sleazy, too sadly all American Americana (its worst side) and gone the carnival route. Teaming up with “reality” TV,(which is a disgusting cultural phenomena all on its own) there will now be this new offering to the American public on Bigfoot: Capturing Bigfoot. The title says it all of course. For a few hundred dollars, it seems any Bozo can join Tom Biscardi on his “hunt” and it will all be televised for our “pleasure.”

No one in Fortean, cryptid, or cryptozoological studies can possibly think this i s a good thing. I don’t know, maybe some do.

Bigfoot researcher Craig Woolheater doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Good for him:

Craig Woolheater, chairman of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, which has annual conferences in Jefferson, does not condone Biscardi's methods, which he says "are produced for the sake of media coverage or for commercial purposes."

"This expedition is not a scientific expedition in my opinion; from what I understand it is being filmed for a reality-TV show entitled Capturing Bigfoot," Woolheater wrote in an e-mail. "As such, the TBRC is in no way, shape or form, affiliated with the very controversial Tom Biscardi."

And if Tom Biscardi and his “team” of yahoos somehow capture Sasquatch?

We've got two compounds at undisclosed locations where we'll conduct studies for 90 days, then release it back where we found it, I promise," Biscardi said.”

Good great goddess. Assuming the poor thing doesn’t die first (Bigfoot, not Biscardi) or a Bigfoot family comes to rescue the creature and wreak havoc along the way, or some Cabal of Dr. Evils comes along and offers Biscardi a million dollars, or worse yet, Disney Studios offers him five million dollars -- oh god, I can see it all now. Visions of Ted Nugent yukking it up with Tom Biscardi over beers. (Maybe they’ll have canned Bigfoot hunts along with the “hunt majestic buffalo” people whose ads adorn Nugent's website.)

I’m pretty well convinced Bigfoot exists. But that’s me. I don’t give a damn if one is ever captured or not, in fact, I hope to hell it never is. Let the thing be. Those who have seen it, know it’s real. That’s perfectly acceptable to me.


Lesley said...

Really comparing Biscardi to most good folks in a carnival is too good for him. A side show snake oil salesman maybe.

For the most part I loathe reality TV. However, I must say that I will probably watch this just to see what kind of tricks he tries to pull off. He cannot make it through an interview without lying so I know he will not make through a season on TV without numerous lies.

Even though I will watch it makes me feel sad for all the real bigfoot researchers who will be judged by Biscardi's actions.

Dustin said...

I had heard this was in the works, but I didn't know it was actually happening. I kind of figured(and hoped) that someone would call it off along the way...