Saturday, February 10, 2007

Luca Land: Did Betty Andreason Luca Lie?

I saw this post on UFO Updates; a post by a member of the Luca family, who has just come out to tell the world the whole Betty Andreason Luca UFO experience was a hoax. Their website, Luca Land, explains it all for you.

The following legal notice appears on their web page:
Legal Notice: All material published on this website is based upon my own personal opinion thus you may take it for what you think it
is worth and decide for your own self as if you agree with it or not as I do not wish to be political in my statements, but to only give my
own personal view point and logical conclusions and let you decide if you agree or not.

That’s fair. But does this mean that there is no proof that Andreason Luca lied, since it’s all “personal view point?”

There are pages of autobiographical material related to the experiences of thirty years ago, and it's highly interesting, which goes without saying.

I cannot begin to delve into this, and wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous as to make all kinds of pronouncements about who's telling the truth, who's lying, who's unbalanced, etc. Obviously, there is a huge tangled mess here of family history that has elements of alcoholism and all kinds of other issues. I don’t know anyone from this family, and am not a psychologist.

That said, this is a big “wow” and worth exploring, for a variety of obvious reasons.

At this point, I’ve only skimmed over this; it’s going to take a good chunk of time to read all that’s there. So far, the site appears to be a blend of airing unpleasant family history, personal views on UFOs which wildly jump from “skeptical” to belief, some weird thing about getting a pass to be an advanced user on the site, and also how to get a Yahoo website, and stuff for sale. Also a blog, and links, and all sorts of things I haven't gotten to yet.

I think it’s important, however, to not get lost or consumed by this very personal and intense family story, and use it as an excuse to dismiss Betty’s experiences, merely based on the content of this website.

What’s true, what isn’t? This person seems to be searching for something, for the truth, and it’s all wrapped up with a lifetime, literally, of not only family dysfunction, but UFO high strangeness, and religious weirdness. You don’t have to be a psychologist to realize that this is an incredibly complicated mess for a person to wade through, and I don’t wish that on anyone. No matter what you think of the Andreason story, this individual, or his website, I think we can all agree he has had a very rough time, and is just trying to make some sense out of it.

It may seem like the easy way out to laugh him out of the equation and make fun, cast sneers and sarcasm his way. I admit to wanting to do a bit of that myself; we can all find things to nitpick about.

But for those out there who are going to take this on and tackle it, trying to get at the truth of the Andreason story (which is very likely impossible) or, use this as a smug way of utterly trashing everyone involved, I suggest some compassion.

We’re dealing with human beings first, and UFOs second.


Daniel Brenton said...

Regan --

It seems more and more that our instincts have a lot of overlap. This cry of "hoax" by Luca Jr. got my attention, and I guess I'm not surprised how strong my reaction to it has been.

I sent the following to UFO Updates. Errol hasn't had a chance to pass it along to the list yet.


Let me first state that I don't know the Andreasson-Lucas personally, though I have long followed the story of "The Andreasson Affair." I personally am not going to automatically dismiss the story because of this claim, and clearly I feel strongly enough about it that I'm willing to make the following comments.

I find this disturbing, and further, I would hope no one would "buy in" to what Robert Jr. is saying without a hard look and a balanced discussion. I have been close to several broken marriages and "broken families" and see the incredibly spiteful things that can occur in the aftermath of divorce. It's usually real Jerry Springer stuff, and it seems rare that marriages can end in amicable partings.

I will argue his assertion that a compulsive liar would evade the discussion. I don't think that's true. My experience of compulsive liars is that they delight in spinning any negative attention to their advantage. I don't see this happening yet.

Compulsive liars stop lying when they're dead, and not a moment before.

If I really wanted to hurt someone who has gone on record as an abductee -- and my conscience wasn't an issue -- I'd attack the validity of their reported experiences. An absurdly easy target. After all, these people are crazy and can't prove anything, right?

I credit the Andreasson-Lucas and Raymond Fowler for not jumping into this "discussion."

This may in fact have been heavy-handed of me.

And maybe not.

Luca Jr. says he's dealt with cancer in his life. However, there are those who use their illnesses and misfortunes to gain emotional leverage. He doesn't present himself well. He doesn't check his grammar or spelling before posting his claims, claims that are obviously important enough to him to put in front of the world -- or at least the UFO world. It sounds like his father has been out of his life for around thirty years. Why bring this up now? Why wait until now? It's not like they're running for President or something.

I for one am not selling my Andreasson Affair books any time soon.


Regan Lee said...


Very good.

I agree with all on all points.

Trying to avoid sounding superior, or patronizing, I will say he's clearly very troubled, and lost, and has a lot of issues: anger, etc. etc.

As I said, I don't know any one of the family members, and even if I, or you, or any us did, knowing how familes are, knowing how familes, adult children of alcoholics, etc. are, all those family, interpersonal messed up dynamics are, we still wouldn't have a clear answer, for we'd naturally, whether we'd want to or not, take sides, have our own perspectives and experiences, etc.

Your point about chronic liars is a good one as well.

I think it's important for UFO researchers to be very careful if they want to incorporate this into their research, and not jump to an "a ha! It figures" response.

Unknown said...

I just got the book from the library to read. So this is a big shock if it is a hoax. I for one,don't think its a hoax.

Regan Lee said...

At this point, and from the little I know about his actions,(a bit of info from someone) it seems that, if anyone is "hoaxing" anything, it is him, not Betty Luca.

Bob Luca Jr. said...

I am Bob Jr. First off, I did not leave the family 30+ years ago. You didn't read my web page or my write-up carefully enough. I had my falling out with my father a couple years ago. also, it is my father who backed out on taking a lie detector test side by side with me. I am ready willing and able. He declined. The item he posted in the paper about me was blown out of proportion. It is when I hit rock bottom from drinking and I called for help. I went in for rehab from drinking. He should do the same! My father just kicks up dirt, but will not debate me as what I say is the truth. Note for the record he is on psyc. medication, and not me! He still won't have the lie detector test done with me. Why is this. He could then proove me wrong so why won't he. Also, my statement about moving out when I was 19 refered to me being on my own and my father never lived on his own, but always with his mom and / or with a woman, but never alone. So I would read up better before you jump to conclusions to the story. What I print is true and there will be more testimony from more people soon. I amdoing that since he copped out of that lie detector test.

Bob Jr.

Regan Lee said...

Bob Jr.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

I said in my entry that I didn't give your pages deep attention. But I did get on overall impression, as I also said.

I also did not say you left the family thirty years ago as you posted, I said the case itself is about that old.

Being on "psyc. meds" may or may not have anything to do with anything; that fact by itself is not enough to convict someone of lying or fantasty, etc.

I go by a combination of "gut instinct" and a search for the truth. Or at least, as close to it as anyone of us can get when it comes to UFO experiences.

Of course none of us will ever know what really happened. I said that as well.

Your private family issues are tangled up with this experience. I wasn't there, I don't know any of you, and as I also said, I am not a psychologist. All I can do is speak as honestly as I can about my responses, which is what I've done.

Good luck.

Regan Lee

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Betty and Bob, and from what I have read of Bob Jr., all I can say is that Betty's (and Bob's) behavior and words are diametrically opposite of Bob Jr's. They are gracious, openminded and intelligent, while Bob Jr. comes off as boorish, hysterical and unable to express himself in any rational or coherent manner. Now Betty is no scientific genius, but she is open minded and rational enough to know that if she doesn't understand something, then further research and inquiry is necessary, and low and behold, she embarks upon the necessary research journey in an unbiased manner, and then lets the chips fall where they may.

Bob Jr. has none of these wonderful qualities.

Unknown said...

Betty's experience will soon be cross referenced with others that are coming forward who experienced the 'city of light' event.

They are coming forward at the right time just as she was told by the entities.

Betty's account is matched by the ancients - of many civilizations across the globe.

Some hidden records have come to light.

All will be revealed at and you will be able to reference everything that ties into this critically important mystery that will enlighten us all.