Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Red Ice Radio; Trickster's Realm

Tim Binnall, creator of the Binnall of America website (where he very kindly publishes my column Tricksters Realm twice a month,along with Lesley of Debris Field, Khyron, and others) and interviewer himself of many a solid UFOlogist, like Stanton Friedman, etc. (his latest with John Greenwald Jr. was very good) was interviewed himself recently.

You can listen to the interview on the Red Ice site.

This week's Tricksters Realm:
You can read my latest piece for Binnall of America on my Trickster's Realm column, where I say "thanks" to all those out there who give us so much UFO news, resources, etc. and virtually for free, using their own monies in order to give us these things. Taking Things for Granted,

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