Friday, February 16, 2007

Shiprock, New Mexico UFO

Shiprock, New Mexico, by Regan Lee 2004 acrylic on canvas

From Brian Vike's HBCC UFO reporting site: a UFO seen in Shiprock, New Mexico. Interesting comment by the witness of feeling "drained" the next day. The sighting was reported in August of 2005, but posted February 16, 2007.

New Mexico is a beautiful state. I spent a couple of days there about three years ago and ever since, have been wanting to go back. I'm much more of a water/ocean/coastal woods type of person, but I can see myself in New Mexico. I think there is something magical, or mystical, indeed about the place. (Which doesn't seem to do a thing for the blatant bigotry I witnessed there. Not everyone is a New Age happy shiny person.)

As many a UFO writer has wondered; are UFOs "attracted" in particular to places like this? Are they a product of such places, or do they come to these places because of the "energy?" Assuming of course they're something other than man made objects.

Okay, I'm beginning to sound too New Agey for my own good. I'll stop now.


Dustin said...

I lived in NM for a couple of years, and I did enjoy it. I still have family in Albequerque that I visit from time to time, as well. There are some places in NM that are very...energetic, I guess. Don't know quite how to put that. ;-)

Great paintings! :-)

R. Lee said...

Thank you Dustin.

Paul Kimball said...

Nice work. I've been to Shiprock, and it's evocative of fond memories.

If you want to see "New Agey", try Taos! They have the market cornered from my experience - but not in a necessarily bad way.

Paul Kimball

R. Lee said...

Thank you Paul.