Monday, February 26, 2007

Women in UFOlogy: Farah Yurdozu

”When you write, you share what you know.” ~ Farah Yurdozu

Tim Binnall’s latest interview is with Farah Yurdozu. Yurdozu is from Turkey; she writes for UFO Magazine, and is also a producer for Jerry Pippin’s show.

As usual, Tim does a great interview. Also exciting is the fact BOA presents an interview with a female researcher. (He’s also interviewed Paola Harris.)

Coincidentally, I had written an item about Farah, inspired by her current column in UFO Magazine, on exopolitics and spiritually. (Something I bounce back and forth with, but overall, listen, it can’t hurt. So the movement is kind of dippy. There are worse things in the world.)

Farah speaks from the heart, from her own experiences. As always, I am blown away by those who come out, using their own names , just put themselves out there with these highly unusual experiences. (On the other hand, just how “unusual” are these kind of experiences?)

Farah isn’t in the least bit afraid to come out with her, and her own family’s, experiences.

UFOlogy is lucky to have Yurdozu’s contribution. Especially UFOlogy in the United States; to have the perspectives and experiences of someone from another country is a welcome gift. I think that sometimes UFOlogy in the United States gets too provincial. This is something Lesley, author of The Debris Field, is working on: an international database of UFO studies and researchers.

Farah knows her stuff; she doesn’t just focus on her own experiences. It seems that it’s because of her experiences, she has been inspired to explore UFOlogy itself, both in Turkey and the United States; it’s history, etc.

One thing that really popped out at me was Farah’s comment that Turkey’s perception of UFOs is that it’s an everyday thing. A different perceptive base. The media is open and reports UFOs regularly. Like people everywhere, though, not everyone in Turkey agrees and they have their share of debunkers and hard core skeptics. People with sightings are not considered “crazy” and there is a general atmosphere of acceptance. It seems that the cultural and media acceptance level is much more accepting. She goes into Turkish mythology and animal symbolism; all related to UFOs. Which brings the question of UFOs up to a higher level; takes it beyond merely nuts and bolts.

There are some surprises in this interview; like the underground cities, that are five thousand years old.

There’s much more of course. Definitely worth listening to. Farah shares her knowledge of Turkish culture and its perceptions of UFOs, as well as sharing her knowledge of history and mythology that places the current UFO activity in Turkey in context. It's a useful and insightful to hear about another country's UFO experiences. Useful, because it broadens (no pun intended) our own perceptions and knowledge.

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