Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bright Birthday Ball

Yesterday was a strange day. My birthday, and not sure how I felt/feel about turning 53. Ahem. Of course, growing older is one of the few but solidly sure things in life that you can't do one damn thing about. It's going to happen. The alternative is death, which is also going to happen, but those are the choices: another year older alive, or, being dead. I lost my spiffy new glasses with the copper rectangle frame in a bizarre "I'll just decide to fly off you face today, thank you very much" and into the purse rack at the department store. I spent two hours in there looking for the things. No one's turned them in. They have to be somewhere! Where the hell are they? Shit. And lots of other, little things and glitches, like email hassles, and other things, that just added up to not a terrible day, but a weird day. The lost glasses though; that's terrible.

So I'm lying in bed last night, and very "buzzed" not sure why. Was very tired, and yet I felt very "electrical." I noticed a very bright star through the crack in the blind; and couldn't help but keep staring at it. I got up to look outside; beautiful night, so sharply clear, lots of stars out, all twinkling. I still felt "buzzy" and got back into bed, looking at the bright star light twinkle through the slats of the blind. Suddenly, this very large, bright ball of white light just came from nowhere, swooshed by, in front of the window, and was gone. It was so damn weird!

This was a solid object (or appearing to be solid) not an "orb" like a ghost/spirit orb. As I say, it seemed to be lit from within.

It was low, not up in the sky, but what seemed to be about seven feet or so high. It was as if someone had thrown a very large ball -- one lit from within -- and thrown it in front of my window. But no one could throw that fast.

So I'm still in bed, see this thing go "swoosh!" right past my window, big and bright, and I can't get up. I'm just wired awake, yet frozen.

All very weird, indeed. It could have been a bird, but if so, that was one big ass bird. And glowing? From what source? No lights out back there.

Who knows. Just another one of those little strange, weird moments.

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Lisa A. Shiel said...

What a strange birthday present for you! I've seen those balls of light too--both bluish-white ones and orange ones. I personally don't think glowing orbs are ghosts, but rather some kind of device used by whomever pilots those UFOs.

It's weird how often when we see strange things, we can't move and/or think. Once I saw a UFO, and I had a camera on my lap, but I never thought to pick it up and snap a photo. But many UFO witnesses report the same thing, so we're in good company.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Happy birthday (belatedly), and yes, it seems that you have got a fitting gift. There are no coincidences, you know.


R. Lee said...

thank you snoopy!

I agree, "there are no coincidences"