Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bunny Cakes

From the Saucerian Outsider blog, this item came my way:

The Explanatory Theory of the Supposed Extraterrestrial Hypotheses as Contemporary and Anagalous Socio-Mythos Construct of the Pop Cultural Milieu

Average citizens in Western, non-Western (Occidental) Industrial and Third, Fourth and emergent Fifth World countries still cling to specific religious, spiritual, philosophical systems involving “aliens” from other worlds. These tales vary yet sub-currently share similarities of iconography. The enthusiastic mavens of UFOlogy mistake these symbols of mere cultural communications for proof of alien (ie extraterrestrial) beings that are the causes for seemingly mysterious and conspiratorial events: cattle “mutilations,” alien “abductions,” crop circles, etc. Whereas in point of fact, all these occurrences are nothing more than unfortunate yet solidly prosaic occurrences lacking in any so-called “Fortean,” paranormal, anomalous or UFOlogical basis.

We know that these interpretative subjective experiences are nothing more than mundane events containing several elements of easily explainable and verifiable (hence: real) data that nonetheless, due to human frailty as well as a grossly undereducated general population, persist in being presented as paranormal or UFOlogical to the detriment of society and human advancement in terms of critical thinking.This severely and grossly prohibits the otherwise innate biological imperative towards quantum leaps in humanisticonic evolutionary advancement.

While one may engage in semantic games surrounding language tags such as “unidentified,” UFOs on the surface do exist; however, despite this name game, if you will, they are all quite identifiable and are therefore IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) and contain not an iota of any extraterrestrial entity or other loosely and weakly fabricated metaphysical beliefs.

Those willful “researchers” of UFOlogy who refuse to accept as realistic and valid the verifiable facts of the scientific community are responsible for the continued mythos of the UFO and its implicit symbol the ET in contemporary culture as well as its slow yet nonetheless persistent inroads into less educated societies.

Furthermore the media, particularly entertainment media which often poses as quasi-scientific documentarians of UFO programatic episodes, which in itself is a paradoxical irony since the UFO phenomena is unverifiable and therefore immune to quantification of documentation, is responsible for supporting these wrong headed ideas believed as factual evidence within the contextual construct of afore mentioned “documentary.”

The researchers at Saucerian Outsider believe that only with continued pressure on all those responsible for such illiterate and anti-cultural deeds should be held responsible for their actions upon a world society that has been misled by these harmful “researchers” who inflict their data onto the collective consciousness of the masses as well as interfere with the efforts of science-based immersions within the infrastructural interface of an enlightened dichotomous populous.

Disclaimer: There isn't any Saucerian Outsider, and I was just being silly.

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