Monday, April 30, 2007

Funky UFO Book Score!

I've complained in the past that second hand or used UFO books are hard to find, at least they are hard to come by in my area. And when you do find them, it's a real treasure hunt for sure, exploring the Goodwills, St. Vincent de Paul's, etc. because they put those books in odd places. I've found UFO books in the religious section, the science section, the science fiction section. There isn't any UFO section.

The other day I noticed the local St. Vinnie's tidied up their book section and actually put in an "unexplained" section, where I found all kinds of UFO books. A few aren't UFO books; one is a kid's story about the Loch Ness creature, etc. I grabbed a bunch:

  • The UFO Controversy in America, David Michael Jacobs

  • Loch, Paul Zindel (children's)

  • The UFO Report, Timothy Good

  • Intercept UFO, Renato Vesco

  • Beyond Belief, Brad Steiger

  • Encounters with the UFOs, Coral and Jim Lorenzen

  • Alien Update, Timothy Good

  • Unidentifed Flying Objects,Jim Collins (children's)

  • The Galapagos Affari, John Treherne

  • The Voice of Venus: The Pulse of Creation Series, Ernest L. Norman

  • UFOs Explained, Philip J. Klass (of course he does nothing of the kind)

  • Not of this World,Peter Kolosimo

  • The UFO Phenomenon, Johannes von Buttlar
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