Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On Binnall of America

Yowie Researcher Tony Healy
This is a bit late, but you can still access the interview with Yowie researcher Tony Healy on BOA (Binnall of America.)

In fact, you can access -- for free -- all of Tim Binnall's interviews. Just go to the BOA site and click on the "audio" tab at the top of the home page. There are some amazing conversations there with some very interesting people.

Trickster's Realm: Lola’s Deer: Deers and the Anomalous

My recent column (Trickster's Realm) for the BOA site is a continuation of my friend "Lola" and her deer experience:
I spoke to Lola the other day, and asked her if there was anything new to report on the weird deer front. She said no, but that something strange happened in the house again, though she couldn’t remember just what it was. She just knew it was very strange. That in itself is weird.

As to the deer, she said she didn’t remember the deer leaving. “I didn’t see it go anywhere, run off” she said. “It seemed like it should have run off into the woods, or down the road, or something -- it just wasn’t there.”

She also said she was “really scared” and couldn’t park the truck fast enough. She ran all the from the truck to their deck, and up to their front door. Fumbling with the keys as she tried to hurriedly get into the house. “I was really scared, the kids were really scared,” and none of them could really say why. A deer on the road isn’t at all unusual. So why the intense high tension and surroudning anxiety?

I told Lola about animals appearing in many UFO encounters and anomalous events; as sort of guides, or go between. There are many cases of deer appearing in these “screen memories” in the context of UFO events.

You can read the rest, and a lot more, on the Binnall of America website.

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