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Wild Women: More on that Elephant in the Room

Lisa Shiel has posted more on her earlier post on Wild Women; she discusses the response she’s received from both men and women, mostly positive. In
The Single Girl and the Sasquatch.
Shiel comments on the “lesbian” tag -- as I did as well -- that when others feel the need to insult and attack, they often throw out the term “lesbian” as if it’s an insult. Why would someone (usually male) call a woman a “lesbian” in order to insult? If one were a lesbian, what does it matter what she does in bed? Does her choice of sexual partner affect her brain cells? It’s not that it’s an insult, it’s just that it isn’t true (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) In their minds, “lesbian” is a slur, and can be translated as “man -hater.” (The thinking seems to be: if you’re sexually uninterested in men as sexual beings, then clearly you are also uninterested in anything else that is rational.)
Shiel points out an interesting bit of history:
I recently watched a documentary on the History Channel in which scholars discussed the original meaning of the word lesbian. The term referred to ancient Greek women who lived on the island of Lesbos. They were renowned lovers of men, not each other! I find this fact interesting, since these days people love to accuse strong women of being lesbians—which, to the name-caller, means "man-hater."

Along comes a poster, going by the name of “anonymous:”
Nah, nobody thinks you're a lesbian, you're just plain annoying. Playing the part of the woman-victim won't get you any respect from other 'researchers'.

But I guess it's easier to be a attention-seeking victim than re-evaluate your loony theories. Oh wait, you can't, because you have a book about it, and exposure/money is the apparent motivation.

else said it best.. Just because you can write a book.. Doesn't mean you should.

So, we have a new twist on the inaccurate lesbian slur: “victim.” This is a ploy used by chronic skeptics; accusing someone of “playing a victim” when the c.s. has been called on their stuff, or they simply don't like what they're hearing. In this case, the anonymous poster accuses Shiel of playing a victim.

I can’t speak for Shiel, but I will say that being forthright and addressing some of the crap pulled by the dishonest and immature is not whining “victim.” That is simply another inaccurate tactic used by those who disagree with someone; it’s an attempt to trivialize and silence.

Disagree with Shiel or any of the other “paranormal” Bigfoot witnesses; certainly one’s right to do so.

But really, try to refrain from stooping to the level of a grade schooler by insulting and accusing someone of writing books “to make money” -- as if...

Which Brings Us To the Making Money Slam

What’s wrong with making money? Wouldn’t most, if not all, of us love to make money -- our actual living -- from doing what we love most to do? And isn’t making money the American Dream? A solid all American, capitalistic thing to do? It’s positively patriotic, dahlings!

There are only two reasons why someone accuses people such as Shiel of making money as if it were a crime:
1. they think she’s an outright liar, a scam artist, a huckster.
2. they think she’s nuts. All out, far out, gone baby gone nutso.

If you think people like Shiel are lairs, then that’s your opinion. She could be, it’s true. Personally, I don’t think so, but that's’ my opinion. But if you do think people like her, who’ve had these kinds of experiences, are lairs, nothing much you can do about it. Not with out proof. Have any?

In this context of shape shifting beings and extreme high strangeness I’m reminded of Pamela Stonebrooke. (Reptilians, sex, etc.) I have my intuitive feelings about her, and wonder; and yet, her experiences do parallel others. Now it could be she’s taken this up for her own ends to further her career, it could be she’s telling the truth, it could be she’s a psy ops victim,it could be her interpretation of experiences on the astral plane, it could be a combination of those things, who knows. We don’t know. And all that aside, we need people like her for a variety of reasons: her story about her story is part of the Trickster comedy within UFOlogy, and that’s not a bad thing, nor is it a wrong thing.

If you think Shiel and others with similar experiences are loony toons, then why be so cruel as to attack? Do you attack people with diseases, or broken limbs? What’s to be gained from insulting, slurring and inaccurately portraying someone who is utterly bananas?

Those that stop to spend the time to write insulting comments (or worse, have blogs that spend inordinate amounts of time insulting and attacking those they consider “loony” for no reason other than to prove they’re not) are trolls, of course.
They’re also thin skinned and defensive of their own belief systems. What’s it to them if someone “believes” in ET, or that Bigfoot is a shape shifter? Well, it seems like it’s a very big deal for people like this that others believe these things. And, at least these money making, lesbian, man hating, victimized nut cases write on public forums using their real names in most cases.

(And some of us wonder why UFO and high strangeness witnesses don’t always want to let their real names or locations known to the world.)

I think it’s pretty amazing when anyone - whether I can handle their experiences or not, and there are many I can’t -- uses their real name, goes out there in the world, and shares their experiences with others. I’ve said that many times in this blog. And that’s why I offer support and encouragement, and urge others to do the same. We don’t always have to agree with each other, or even understand each other at times. But we can always learn, and that includes learning from those we have a hard time “getting.” (Like me and exopolitics.)

This realm is an amazing realm, and very weird things happen in it, despite the denial of many. Who knows what’s really behind that curtain; entirely possible what we experience is only what we think we experienced, or what “they” want to show us, or . . .endless possibilities. But hell, at least we’re looking. And we are also a little bit crazy: for why else would we put ourselves out there, in public, knowing that there will always be those who cannot get through the day without hurling insults at others?

We’re just trying to tell our stories, while dancing around that elephant in the room. And if we make a little money off of that, fantastic. Though so far, I don’t think any of us have been able to retire to that villa in Tuscany. With our men folk. Or, not. Either way, who we share our oversized fluffy beds under a canopy of silk surrounded by sultry cerulean skies with is nobody’s business.

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