Monday, May 28, 2007

Update on ‘The Most Dangerous Idea in the World” - (Laura Knight-Jadczyk)

Wow. I just came across Dustin’s entry on his blog Odd Things on Laura Knight-Jadczyk. The synchronicity aside, I was right about what I commented on in the previous Laura entry; her anti-Semitism Jews run the evil world of the evil doers, don’t you know beliefs. What absolutely intrigues me is that Knight-Jadczyk writes extremely well, and is obviously no dummy. She’s quite smart; certainly smarter than I am. And yet we have, in the end, someone clinging to bigoted belief systems. When it comes to UFOs, aliens, and Forteana, none of us can afford to have such deeply entrenched beliefs about anything, except for the painfully obvious reality that “reality” is far from what it seems. Once you start creating a belief system around yourself, you’re doomed. Throw in ethnic/cultural/racial/religious bigotry, and you’re damned.

So little did I know. This little episode also reminds us that being intelligent isn’t always an accurate measurement of being intelligent. A lot of brilliant people have led cults and held paranoid, bigoted, insular beliefs -- and managed to get others to follow them.

Dustin’s Odd Things blog:

Cassiopaea site:

OrangeOrb blog: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: The Most Dangerous Idea in the World


Lesley said...

It was quite a while ago, but I did at one time have a link on my blog to Laura Knight-Jadczyk's blog. I read a few of her posts and found them thought provoking. However, at one point I read a post of hers that I considered hateful, in some way or another that I don't remember now, and I removed her link from my blog and I have stayed away from her sites since then.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Er... one could definitely be an intellectual giant and a psycho (sorry for using that fairly vulgar term) at the same time. Ms Knight-Jadczyk is no exception, although I am not so sure you should be so humble writing about her...