Sunday, June 24, 2007

Balloon-y Jetty Blue

At a barbecue last week, and standing around outside. We had just finished up a conversation about UFOs (which went quickly from the area of UFOs as physical craft to ESP, for some reason) and two odd things happened. Maybe three odd things, since I know that the two odd things wouldn’t seem at all odd to the others involved.

A note: none of the others were much interested in UFOs, or had had sightings of their own. (That they acknowledged.) They though my interest in the topic was, well, interesting, but that was about it. A big dud as far as getting any interesting stories, heh.

We looked up at the sky; commenting on the coolish weather. We all were expecting a sunny day; even at this late hour we were still hoping. (Approximately 6:00 ish.) Someone commented that there was a balloon up there, we looked. I didn’t see anything, but this person insisted there was a mylar balloon up there. Then another person said that one time he and his friend were out in the California desert, and a large silver mylar balloon landed right in front of them. He seemed very intrigued by the balloon, remembered its shape, its red letters, etc. HIs point was, that the winds can carry objects all over the place and for long distances, and . . . not real sure what his point was. He said it was pretty funny how a balloon could travel that far and land in an isolated area right at their feet.

It wasn’t until later that night, after we got home, that I thought about that story again, and how strange it was that a balloon would travel so many miles and just happen to land in right in front of the only two people in the area. I asked my husband: “Did you think there was something a little “off” about that story?” He agreed. We both commented that neither one of us commented about anything like cover memories, missing time, etc. It just wasn’t that kind of crowd. This is what happens to your mind after you’ve been immersed in UFOs and esoteric phenomeana for a few years.

“Jetty Blue” Glowing UFO-Plane Thing
While we were standing in the circle, at the same time the “balloon” was apparently drifting above us, I saw an iridescent blue-turquoise-blue cigar shaped object. It was very high up; I suppose as high as a plane could get, but it did seem higher than the usual passenger plane. It was moving steadily in the same direction, very slowly. in a North to South direction. The same person who was saying “that’s a balloony up there,” said, when I pointed out the blue object, was “That’s a Jet Blue.” I said, “Oh, okay.” It could have been a plane; so high up, all you could see was the shape, no wings, etc. I kept looking at it, watching for, among other things, lettering or different colors, but the whole thing was this one consistent color. It stayed the same color as it traveled. I realized that this iridescent color (which was beautiful) seemed to be lit from inside. And all this while, as I kept peeking up to look at it, this person was saying, “That’s a jetty-blue” almost like a little kid. (Even though she wasn’t looking up; no one was.) The others didn’t look up (an interesting response in itself) or, if they did, shrugged and continued talking. The next time I looked it was gone.

The blue wasn’t the same color blue as the Jet Blue color, though it could have appeared differently way up there. I looked up Jet Blue on-line, lots of images and variations on design and color, but nothing that looked like what I saw. The most intriguing thing was the damn color and its intensity; the way it glowed, seemingly from within.

All These Damn Sightings
Happen because. . .? Well, we know what some would say. Forget them. The happen because I make it a point to look. It’s surprising to me how many people do not look up, even when others around them are looking up.

Is it possible Dr. Jacob’s is correct, when he says UFO sightings aren’t always random, and that there is a reason for “repeat” witnesses, or long term witnesses? Or do we, as the more esoteric, metaphysical minded thinkers suggest, somehow create these sightings, or take a somewhat equal part in their appearance, and our witness to them? Does intent have anything to do with sightings?

They also happen because there are a lot of weird things up there, and until they’re IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) they’re UFOs. While not every UFO is a flying saucer from Mars, that doesn’t exclude the possibility some are from Mars, or, Somewhere Else. And, some are whatever highly classified top secret covert psy ops Dr. Evil projects are going on up there.

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