Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Course in Miracles" Government Mind Control?

This is a juicy piece of psy op mind control business regarding the “Course in Miracles” books, popular New Age stuff awhile back.
According to Dr. Helen Schucman and the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), Dr. Helen Schucman and Dr. William Thetford "scribed" the book by means of a process coming from a divine source through a form of channeling which Schucman referred to as "inner dictation". Schucman described the divine source of her channeling as none other than the person of Jesus Christ. Well.....Dr. William Thetford, headed the CIA's "Mind Control" MK-ULTRA SubProject 130: Personality Theory, while at Columbia University between 1971 - 1978.

Read the whole piece here:
A COURSE IN MIRACLES - A CIA Manipulation Device ?


Daniel Brenton said...

Regan --

Interesting find. I think you probably know me well enough that I wouldn't be surprising you if I said can't really see a linkage between the Unity Church and a CIA government mind control effort. Unity, being an eclectic "New Thought" kind of church, tries to keep an open mind to new precepts and influences in the non-traditional Christian community. (It was only recently, historically speaking, that the church took an official position on Reincarnation -- if I remember correctly, they don't teach it, but they see don't it as a conflict either). That individual churches sponsor discussion groups and workshops on A Course in Miracles is not particularly damning.

The Scientologists, on the other hand ...

I did try working with ACIM many years ago and couldn't get past the first month of lessons. Some people who teach this do in fact call it a kind of "good brainwashing" of a sort, and that aspect disturbed me.

The article on BeliefNet cited by the article you mentioned, which is at

is pretty unsettling, and is something I hadn't heard about Helen Schucman. If the intelligence community have devised some way of "feeding information" into someone in some subliminal manner, then material like ACIM, the Ashtar Command channellings, and so on may have their roots in something more sinister than I imagined.


A Course In Miracles Online said...

Yeah, I already read that post...
I'll leave the same comment here.

HA!Thanks for the laugh