Sunday, June 3, 2007

Duh! I Could Have Had a Book Deal!

There's a skeptic who warns others on his website not to "buy what I'm selling." True, he puts "selling" inside quote marks, to presumably make it clear I'm not literally selling anything. (as if, if I were, that'd be a bad thing.) The implication is that, while I'm not actually selling something to make money, I'm up to no good. I'm some sort of huckster, a con artist.

Others, both a handful of the pathological chronic skeptic crowd, as well as the non-skeptical, continue to state that I believe I've been abducted. I've never said that, but that fact doesn't seem to matter for some people.

It occurred to me I've been a real idiot. After all, even though I'm not selling anything, some prefer to think that I am. Others seem to think it all right to post on the internet that I'm an abductee. Facts don't matter, but apparently saying something is so even when it isn't so does. All this time, I could have just come out and said I've been abducted, written a book, gone a book tour, do some UFO conferences, appear on C2C and Out There TV, and get up a flashy website pushing my book.


Biby Cletus said...

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

You don't do _anything_ you're 'sposed to. See, you're 'sposed sic "me" on them after you're accused of shilling "woo," right? And I've yet to get the command.

Really, I think you have to consider the source, and the source sits on its thumb to spin: "Thumb-spinners" (TM)! Maybe your critic's overdue a thumb switch?

...Good luck with the book, eh?
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Lesley said...

Let me confirm that to my knowledge Regan has never said she was abducted, but so what if she had? How can anyone even wonder why most people don't tell anyone of their paranormal experiences? Most people don't want to put up with that kind of crap and who could blame them.
Also, so what if people write books and make money? Skeptics write books and make money. If people enjoy their books and other products, why should I care? I don't.
I guess I will never understand the skeptics and their double standard.