Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grey Matters: “One Week, Two Disasters”

Lesley of the Debris Field blog also has a column over on BoA: Grey Matters. This week Lesley writes about George Noory,his Sci Fi show, and the weird “Could it have been an angel” interview with Jeremy Vaeni.

About the interview with Jeremy, Lesley writes:
The interview started out like any other, but within a few minutes it was obvious that Noory was not listening to what Jeremy was saying and was instead probably reading prewritten questions. I have known for a long time that Noory uses prewritten questions, but never has it been so obvious. At least I hope he was reading prewritten questions because if he was coming up with those based on anything Jeremy said, it must have been some Jeremy in an alternate universe.

I agree; it was a surreal moment when Noory asked that question about the alien. The whole interview (what I heard of it) was surreal.

There’s more; be sure to take a look!

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