Friday, July 20, 2007

Flash of Light and Wow! Crop Circle!

The Crop Circle Mystery, byline: Lewis Cowen, for the Gazette and Herald. A flash of light, and a crop circle appears, where none was a couple of hours earlier;Winston Keech, a "dedicated UFO hunter" and a Norwegian film maker, Terje Toftenes, filmed the event:
At around 1.35am on July 7 Mr Keech, helped by Mr King, completed the last sweep of the area using a camera equipped with night vision. No formation was visible in the field.

Then it became intensely dark and nothing was seen. But at 3.13am there was a flash of what Mr Keech described as sheet lightning.

It appeared on the video footage and lasted four microseconds. Twenty minutes later, at 3.20am, there was enough light to make out the formation in the field below.

It was one of the largest ever seen. It measured 1,033 feet long and consisted of 150 circles, the largest of which was 164ft across.

For years, witnesses have said they've seen small spheres, lights, and other ariel phenomenon around crop circles. Witnesses have also reported "pyschic" communications in connection with the circles, or, circle makers. I remember reading an article in, I think, UFO magazine about ten years ago, where the crop circle researcher (don't receall the name, but I don't think it was Colin Andrews) who said he had mentioned to a friend, standing alone in a field, something about Hebrew letters. The next day, there was a huge crop circle in the field, with, yes, Hebrew letters.

I know my little theory isn't the popular one, but I'm convinced the crop circles, as with the one reported on here, are the results of some kind of military technology. In my opinion, crop circles aren't made by extraterrestrials, or earth elementals, or inter-dimensional entities. Nor are they all made by Doug and Dave -- who, by the way, surely must be too aged to go tramping about in dark fields with ropes and planks -- or self styled guerilla artists having fun.

I think soon it'll come out that crop circles are man made. It'd be very wonderful if they were the communications of elementals; but I doubt it. It's possible, as with the Contactees of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, that we'll never know the real cause. (I suspect the Contactees were victims of our government as well) but we'll just have to see.

I don't rule out paranormal or ET explanations, but I don't see them as being the most likely.


Talk to said...

Hey Regan Lee.

Regarding the theory that crop circles are done by the government/ military:

It's actually not all that unpopular a thought. There are loads of websites dedicated to this line of reasoning. But you see the basic problem here is that the government/ military consistently does everything it can to suppress any belief in aliens. Why do governments research these things and then lock their files away where only the select privileged few can see them? Why? Because they do best when we don't question too much. The crop circle thing, it can be argued, seems to be designed to achieve the exact opposite result: to make us QUESTION.

So. Why would the government/military suppress and ridicule and "debunk" the whole UFO thing and then go make crop circles with some super-secret "black technology"? It just doesn't make sense. The result of the crop circle phenomenon is a growing belief in aliens. So, either the gov/mil complex is trying to support this idea or suppress it. If they wanted to support it there are LOADS easier and cheaper ways to do this than some super-advanced "unknown" technology! Heck, just start sponsoring those that claim to have seen UFO and get those stories out there. So, gov/mil is against us believeing in aliens. So they ain't doin' it. Simple as that.

Or is there something I'm missing here?

R. Lee said...

You bring up some very good points.
Hmm, well, it's possible the technology used is "practice" for some kind of military purpose; or something more insidious. As long as we're believing in aliens, we're distracted.


They want us to "believe in" aliens, because they're going to stage a fake alien landing/attack.
The ccs are a way to get world wide attention fast, get people to focus on that, ...

OR, as I said, it could be elementals, even aliens. It could even be something more esoteric than that, something to do with consciousness and spirit energy...

All are possible. It's just that I put the alien one last.

Whatever the cause, it's a mystery and we haven't gotten any closer to an answer.

BTW, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Talk to said...

Cool. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

If I may in the briefest terms restate my position? It is the "aliens" wot dunnit. And they are doing it to make us open our minds and question. And this objective has been and continues to be met. You are questioning and we are debating... and it's happening all around the world right now. Questions and discussions.

So what is the significance of the crop circles? It's a picture of minds being opened.