Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Green Electric

Green Electric
I feel strange writing about this. Yes, me, who urges others to share their stories of the anomalous with others, and not be afraid of what others may think. I hesitate because it sounds off the wall. (I know, it’s ironic, isn’t it? I can hear some people now; “as if missing time, etc. isn’t off the wall?”)

Last night, I had two very strong “episodes.” I was in bed, but awake. (I had just turned off the radio in fact.) I began hearing inside me, inside my head strong clickings and what I can best describe as electrical buzzings, whirrings, and beeps. It was very loud, and very weird. I’ve had this before to some degree, but never this strong. It was, to put it succinctly, freaking me out. At the same time, I was “seeing” this hint of green light -- like green lines, or machines, or green glowing beings -- I “knew” they were there. I “saw” them in my mind’s eye, but of course, when I opened my eyes, they weren’t there. This strong electrical, shocking feeling, was still there. I was afraid to move. It felt a bit like the feeling you get when the chiropractor or acupuncturist puts those electrical things on you, only much much stronger.

As if that wasn’t enough, then I started to leave my body. I was very aware of having, or about to have, an OBE (out of body experience.) I became very frightened at this point and managed to get up, “shake it off,” and then try to go back to sleep.

Then it just happened all over again! “They” or “it” wasn’t going to give up. I couldn’t dispel the unpleasant feeling of some very unpleasant entities around. I couldn’t see them (though I never got the sense of any “grays”) but I felt them. They were responsible for the electric feeling throughout my entire body. It was as if someone had just plugged my entire body into an outlet.

I once again managed to pull myself out of this, and after awhile, go back to sleep. I was a little afraid of going to sleep, but it was about two in the morning and I had to get up at six for work.
I’ve had these weird type of electric, buzzing sensations before; not only in connection with some UFOs, but in some cases of hauntings and precognitive experiences. Obviously there’s a connection there. Or possibly they’re different things but it triggers the same “thing,” the same mechanism.

The Green Glowy Screen Thing
I wrote about a similar episode some time back here on The Orb some where a green “matrix” like computer screen image was scrolling inside my head. (Jesus, that sounds kooky, doesn’t it?) It was one of those “mind postcards,” as I call them. It was from somewhere “out there” and had no business being in my mind’s eye, but there it was. There was the definite knowledge it was intentionally inserted there.

What It Means
I have no idea. I think it’s part of a connection to not only other, “higher selves” but things that are both outside of me (possibly entities, etc.) as well as within. We’re electric beings, and we’re all connected in some way. For all I know, it could be blocked chakras; I’m not being facetious. It’s possible some part of me is trying to connect with something out there, and wake me up to it. Or, the other way around.

It could also be something less “spiritual” and more sinister: government spooks engaged in MILAB mind control stuff. That’s pretty bleak though.

Whatever it is, it’s been something occurring throughout my life.


Lesley said...

Can't say I have ever had anything like that happen, nor would I want to. There are some days where I feel electrical (don't know what else to call it) and I end up being shocked or shocking things that are made of materials that are not suppose to conduct electricity.

Snoose Junction said...

I have once had a repeated and strong electric sensation during a time when I was awake but could not move. It was like sticking my brain in a light socket. It was followed by pinpoint flashes of light in the air around me