Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nahu, Age, and My Green Electric Self

My friend (I like to think of him as such) has two very good posts on his blog; one on the self talk some of us do to ourselves about age (and something I’ve been doing since I turned 50, three years later, still doing it) and the other on THE NATURE OF MAYA AND THE BIO-HOLOGRAM

As some readers might know, my recent article for UFO Magazine was about Nahu. When I had my ‘Green Electric’ experience, I e-mailed Nahu, asking him if he would mind sharing his insights into my electrical green episode. He very graciously did so, and this is what he had to say:
Hi Regan:

Great article based on our interview this Spring. Thanks so much. You seemed to pinpoint some very important aspects. I feel it will help immensely to disseminate some of new ideas about the phenomena often referred to as UFOs.

Obviously, you do understand some central features of your experience 1) That it was premonitory of entering the OOBe state 2) It did indicate some deep fears and primal reactions 3) It contained elements of paranormal activity 4) Indicated an encounter with archetypal and mythic symbols.

Notes: As you may know, in my book I describe "buzzing" or electrical noises which is essentially synonymous with 'clicking, whirrings, beepings. All elements also associated with an intra-dimensional encounter or a UFO. The fact that you related it to electrical acupuncture devices, in fact, is quite accurate, because these meridians or centers release blocked chi or psychic energy, bio-force, if you were,
in the system.


I believe you were approaching an altered state that at some deeper level of your emotional self, you were not psychologically prepared for--therefore, you resisted it, thus turning it into somewhat of a bizarre, or 'nightmarish' experience. Which suggests to me that you want to experience and develop your extra-sensory connection to the hologram, but must work through some buried levels encompassing past ideas and experiences.

You had indeed "plugged" yourself into an outlet of sorts, since your kundalini was activated to some degree and you were expanding, i.e., opening up to a deeper communication with Holoversal energies. If you refer to my book on 134 Officer Delgado experienced a similar green light as did Herb Schirmer on page 147, and there are other references to eerie green lights and its associations with the spirit realm, or fairy realm as some might say. At such a stage of altered consciousness you are somewhere between the physical and non-physical just short of an OOBe.

You aren't far off when you almost intuitively analyzed your own condition by stating, "it might be blocked chakras" because I feel that you are blocked in the Manipura chakra or solar plexus area. Perhaps you are receiving some healing in the intestinal tract, and I feel the need to suggest to you have a colon cleanse. Some vulnerability at this time in relationships and stress factors can also activate the chakra. Green is also the color associated with healing as well as the presence of intra-dimensional visitors, so I am sure--though you have deep fears of potential illness, they were there to heal and attend you.

I hope these sharing's are helpful.

Blessed be~

I must say, Nahu’s insights are very “right on.” Thank you, Nahu.

And, aside from the negative talk I do inside my head about things like age, etc. that includes my apologizing for the so-called “New Agey” side of me. So what. I have all kind of sides to me, including that one. It’s a good thing. I’m also fairly grounded and as long as I don’t get all dippy and dewy, (hell, even if I did) who’s to say, and who’s to care? Am I more concerned with what others may think, or with what I have to give, and what I want to receive? If I don’t have the eggs to own something, yet use it anyway, then I remain conflicted and stuck.

This kind of stuff drives a lot of UFO researchers rabid with exasperation, but I’m not responsible for that. I am responsible for being true to myself, telling the truth, and being forthright. And if sometimes I go the way of the purple path (just made that up but I like it) that’s the way it goes.

(image source: Chakra Green:

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