Monday, July 16, 2007

Scoffing Gone Too Far

From the recent entry on the UFO Iconoclast blog:
(Why no one has wrestled a flying saucer pilot to the ground or no abductee has punched one out while being kidnapped is grist for the passivity of human beings in dire straits, as was the case with Jews as they were being taken away during World WAR II, and in earlier pogroms.)

Speaks for itself. UFOlogy doesn’t need the kind of self-indulgent, faux Dadist exercise crap the writers of UFO Iconoclast (and a few others) revel in.


Lisa A. Shiel said...

I guess the author of that comment never heard that abductees frequently say they were unable to move. If one has been rendered immobile, by some technology or drug, one cannot punch out one's captor.

Skeptics like to ridicule witnesses. They want to keep people from reporting their experiences, so they can say "see, nobody gets abducted anymore."

Lisa A. Shiel
Bigfoot Quest blog

Alfred Lehmberg said...

UFO Iconoclasts?

...Of course this is the same collection of scabrous, syphilitic, scabe-ridden scum-bags headed up that chief scurrilous cur Rich Reynolds, but I sugar-coat.
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R. Lee said...

Yes, that caught my attention as well; the glossing over that abductees are frozen, paralyzed in some way. Try as they might, they're unable to move. In the few cases where attempts have been made to "escape," grab something -- including the entity -- or film (cameras in bedrooms, etc.) those efforts have been easily tossed aside by "them." Whoever "they" are.

All gets down to debunkery,one way or the other.

R. Lee said...

Hi Alfred!

LOL. Yes, I know. And I stay away from that ilk as much as possible. Now and then, though. . . it just bugs me, ya know?

Take care,