Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sea Monster Scoop! Sea Monsters in Chinese Lake

Husband just walked in, asked me if I heard the story about the sea monsters in China. I said no, after checking all the usual sources, didn't find anything. He told me he heard it on Air America, the Stephanie Miller show. So of course, I asked him if it was a joke; I love Stephanie, but as he and I both said,the Left loves to make fun of that stuff. (hey, I'm a Leftie, I can say that.) He insisted it's true.

Some lake in China (how's that for specifics) about 80 miles long, and 600 feet deep, has a "herd" (pod?) (school?) of "sea monsters" that "were huge" -- come up, follow some boats. Plenty of pics were taken by people on boats, etc.

I assume, more to come.

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