Friday, August 3, 2007

My Brother’s Big Fat Mexican Korean Jewish White Beverly Hills Wedding

Nothing to do with UFOs or the paranormal, unless you consider me sitting in the bar at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills paranormal, but I just got back from a road trip (nothing like going down to L.A. on I-5 from Eugene, Oregon with your mother) for my brother’s wedding.

Overall, despite ridiculously pathetic family drama here and there, I’m glad I went, and am very happy for my brother and his beautiful bride. L.A. was fine, and all was good. I loved walking along the beaches; Long Beach, Venice, the Marina. My fantasy of living on a houseboat came back each time I walked by the boats at the docks. The smog has improved down there; last time I was down there was about six years ago or so. Although, I stayed mainly on the coast; and not in Hollywood, etc. so those areas might still be bad. The area has worked hard on improving air quality though and reducing smog.

Even though I had my laptop, it was hard to write much, so not much posting went on, though I managed here and there.

I’m back now in Oregon, where you don’t pump your own gas, there’s no sales tax, and the drivers remain rude and terrible. California drivers may be crazy, but they’re controlled crazy, and far more polite than Oregonian drivers. (Oregonian drivers believe it’s their constitutional right to: tailgate, run red lights, ignore use of the turn signal, and either go painfully slow at or below the speed limit, or bizarrely fast, exceeding it beyond all reason.)

Back to our regular programming.

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