Friday, September 21, 2007

Crazy Looking UFO People

Is This Even Necessary?

course not; just like all those grumpy bloggers who pontificate about how writing about UFOs is a waste of time, (unless, of course, you’re writing about how writing about them is a waste of time; then you’re not wasting time) are people like this person, who asks: Why are UFO people so crazy looking? And not only that, humph, he makes the mistake in thinking that one can make a choice of “believing that UFOs exist.” We all know UFOs exist. That is hardly the question. As usual, we have to figure out what one means these days when they say “UFO.” Once we get past that, now we also have to worry about why we’re all so “crazy looking.”


Lesley said...

Your link is not right, but I found it anyway.

I think I know almost everyone in ufology and I can't think of anyone who looks as he describes. I suppose there are a couple men with longer hair, but they are certainly not the majority.

Lastly, he doesn't get that ufo stands for unidentified flying object. As your article points out anyone who has bothered to look into the subject should believe in those, even if they don't believe they are beings from another planet, dimension or whatever.

R. Lee said...

Lesley, don't know why the links didn't work, now and then blogspot does that. I fixed them so they should work now.

I know, it just drives me crazy, this new "meme" that UFO means "aliens from outer space."