Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hubby Sees a UFO

So we’re sitting there, watching television (Eureka) and during the commercial my spouse turns to me as and says “I saw a UFO today.” He was very pleased with himself. He went on to say that he noticed an odd “elongated speck” in the sky. A coworker saw it as well.

The “elongated speck” was traveling very fast: “How fast was it going?” “Hard to say, really fast.” “Was it going faster than a jet?” “Oh, yeah.” It was also very high up; higher than what he thought a plane would be.

He thought it might be a plane but he watched it for a while; no wings, etc. He didn’t see any marks, or what have you. It didn’t change direction, flew in a very fast south to north direction.

His point however, and he’s proud of himself for making this point known to said coworker, was that it was a UFO, since neither one of them could identify it and it’s a mystery as to what it was. But my husband also thinks it was either a plane of some type he just couldn’t see the wings, etc. or, some kind of satellite. In other words, a man made object of some type. Still, he semantically pointed out to his coworker, who admitted he didn’t have a clue as to what it was, it was a “UFO.”

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