Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is It Just Me? : The Stanton Friedman-Sparks Explosion

Big news around the UFO realm lately on Friedman’s MJ-12, and Sparks, etc. who have announced with “proof” it’s all a big lie.

Those who have waited for years to dethrone Friedman are gleeful. Others who just love to topple for the fun of toppling are gleeful. Those with personal agendas, biases, etc. -- some with books, film, DVDs, video and so on to sell, some not -- are gleeful.

Others aren’t gleeful, but they’re writing away on the news. As am I.

A lot of people, gleeful or not, seem to be very serious about this whole thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the big whoop.

I mean, where has everybody been all this time? The UFO field, as with all of anomalous, paranormal, high strangeness Fortean things, has always been full of disinformation. Purposeful, intentional, creative, trollish, lying, at times downright immoral, disinfo. That’s fundamental within UFOlogy.

So it is, so it has been, all this time with Friedman and his “belief” (trust?) in MJ 12 as the real deal. There was always the question of “is it, could it be, are they. . .?” concerning their validity.

Now comes along revelations, news, scoops, bits of info and this and that, that MJ 12 was indeed bogus.

But why should we believe that any more than anything else? Or,not?

None of this proves anything about anything, to my mind. So I’m not taking any of it seriously and certainly not as any end all news that’s resolved the issue.

I suppose I should make it clear I’ve never believed the MJ !2 documents were exactly as presented by Friedman; too much taint, too much bad history/context. I mean, look at the people involved, and the whole scenario! That’s why I’m surprised so many are surprised.

And why some are willing to believe all this, now, when they didn’t “believe” that, then.


Lesley said...

I am not a great believer in the MJ-12 docs, but this stuff they are trotting out as "proof" they are fake is not convincing as absolute evidence of fraud.

People like to swipe at Stanton. They get a big thrill out of it for some reason. I suppose it gets them attention, good and bad and since they don't care which, they are perfectly happy.

Jeremy said...

anyone think it's more than a coinky dink that the "MJ 12 is a fraud" revelation is coming on the heels of the Walter Haut "Roswell really happened" memo?