Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Orb Round Up

Is it Sunday again already? Grueling week, but at least it’s over. Having the Fall crud doesn’t help. Well, enough about me. Here’s some links and items I hope you’ll follow, because it’s mostly all about me. (I know, I just contradicted myself.)

Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch
Visit my bigfoot blog Frame 352.Comments are welcome of course, as well as sightings and encounters, especially in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. However, reports aren’t at all limited to Oregon or the PNW; sightings from all over the world are included.

The blog doesn’t completely ignore flesh and blood bigfoot, but the focus is on the paranormal, UFO and other high strangeness Bigfoot encounters from all over the world.

The Trickster is not Demonic

Stephen Yulish, a Christian UFO researcher and writer, wrote a piece inspired by my piece on Mary and Marian apparitions as Trickster manifestations. Yulish uses the terms Trickster and demonic interchangeably, and gives the impression I do as well.

I made it clear in this item on the OrangeOrb I do not consider the Trickster a “demonic” figure, not in a Christian framework, nor do I personally believe in the divinity of Christ, Mary, etc. I also do not consider the religious doctrine or a religion's text as proof, real, true, or factual. None of those things are things I “believe” in -- and specifically, not in a traditional, religious and mainstream way.

I need to make this very clear, for I write about the Trickster a lot. I do not intend for misrepresentations or misunderstandings of what I think about this topic to be perpetuated.

You can read my article Speculation on Mary as a Trickster, here.
Stephen Yuish’s article Many Apparitions of Mary may be Tricksters but the Real Mary was not! And my blog post here.

Exopolitics and New Age Personas

I make fun of exopolitics and what I call New Agey types a lot. Gentle fun, because I have to say, that with all of their naive and wrong headed approaches (at times arrogant) the intent of exo-politics is good. It can’t hurt. New Age stuff, because, I’m sort of New Agey myself, but can’t quite get there all the way. So much about them makes me laugh and at times, even creeps me out. And, so much of the New Age movement (remember, i live in Eugene, Oregon) is a strange combination of smug and naive. Superior and pretentious. Then again, I admit I experience frequent bouts of general malaise. Still, I am aware of my contradictory personality; I work with crystals, I mediate, I read cards, baby, I do a lot of witchy new age stuff. Hell, I even like purple.

All this is leading up to shameless self promotion: my next two articles for UFO Magazine are on these topics. The Purple Road discussed New Age perspectives and UFOs, and after that is a piece on the exopolitics movement.

Mating Hedgehogs
Isn’t a paranormal blog per se, but it does have some high strangeness stuff on there. You’ll never know what you’ll find over there.

Ghost Photo Contest

Lesley (Debris Field, etc.) is running her ghost photo contest again this year. I entered, why not? You can find more here.
Things That Caught My Eye

Cave skylights from Mars. I love anything about Mars; I’m telling you, the little buggers are up there. Awhile back there were the deep black holes on Mars. In May I wrote a little blog piece on my spot on
The Daily Grail about the holes. It’s making the rounds again. As always, with things like this, I have wonder what parts are they leaving out when they tell us this stuff?

Nick Redfern’s new book Man-Monkey is reviewed here. Sigh, another book to go on my yearly reading list. I’m still trying to catch up from last year!

Fresh Crater in Peru: Meteorite?
As someone pointed out, why hasn’t this made headline news? Anyway, interesting of course and just what did happen? What crashed and left a crater in its wake in Peru? Some suggest it was a spy satellite. Possible of course, but given the context of the source, I’d take it with a grain of salt.

The CIA, Star Gate and Spying Spooks
Gary S. Bekkum writes about the CIA and its spookier high strangeness side in Secrets Revealed: CIA Allegedly Transferred STAR GATE to Spy Agency

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