Thursday, October 18, 2007

Insectoid Aliens on UFO Mystic

Good post on UFO Mystic by Greg Bishop on "insectoid aliens." As I commented over there, I've been working on the same idea past few days; synchronicity.

Speaking of posting, I haven't been writing much, or, I have, but it's all just in various stages. I can't seem to get beyond the desktop to the blog. A lot of it has to do with a combination of working full time and health stuff. (nothing major, but a lot of very irritating things that add up to one big crappy thing. After awhile, it gets you down.)

Back to insectoids. Nothing creepier to me than insectoid aliens. I don't particularly like insects to begin with, though I admit my responses to them are illogical. I won't kill them "just because" I try to get them to go outside. Unless they're a spider, then I make my husband deal with it. I can't abide people who just go around stomping on bugs outside simply because they can. If there's a wasp in the house, or even outside in my yard, I kill the bastard. Ladybugs don't bother me. Who doesn't like butterflies; I grow plants to specifically attract them to the yard.

Praying mantis; they're fascinating to watch but also kind of creepy, and the idea of a giant praying mantis is truly terrifying. The idea of giant bugs of any kind, including ladybugs and butterflies, is terrifying.

And then I had my strange bee encounter as a child. Wow, just thought of that one. More to come.

Anyway, good post on UFO Mystic.

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Lesley said...

I don't mind insects very much, except SPIDERS. I am scared to death of them and I am sure that every one is either a black widow or a brown recluse. I do leave them alone if they are outside, but if I see them inside they are dead. Everything else, even centipedes I catch and put outside.

I am convinced that the spiders know I am terrified of them and that is why they always enjoy building their webs next to my desk.