Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jesters and clowns, priests and kings

Kings/Priests are Jesters/Clowns by Alfred Lehmberg of Alien View. (Alfred also writes a column for UFO Magazine each month.)It's a great piece, as most all his are. Here are two quotes from the post that resonated for me:
And it's not just a murmur of pique from some whacko, my interests sane, they are cited -- they're shared! The challenges challenged remain SO unchallenged; it's an ominous silence, and we should beware!

Tell me I'm crazy, a certified loony to have studied the things that I do -- as I have. Tell me the saucers that show up (so plainly) will only show up in a head that's gone bad.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

There are few pleasures available to a person quite like being quoted in an appreciative way. Thank you for affording it to me, Regan -- and the check's in the mail. [g].