Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Almost Sphere, and Update from Portland, OR

Almost . . .
As we were leaving our house this evening to go to dinner (mmmm, birthday sushi!) I looked up at the heavily chemtrailed sky above me. And was a bit startled, because of the timing in the recent posts on the trials, to see an orange orb moving across the sky. I asked my husband if he saw it; not at first, but after a few moments he did. We watched it; an opaque darkish rust colored kind of orange making its way towards us, going over our heads, our house. . . and then we realized. It was a balloon. Still, a brief moment of slightly spooky synchronicity -- and the trickster laughing at the joke.

Update From Cindy PDX
On another note, read the recent comment from Cindy PDX, who lives in the Portland, Oregon area, and has been observing the heavy chemtrail activity there:
Regan, This is not a very good video, but wanted to show what I tried to tape on Oct 31st 2007 regarding purposely made CIRCLE / loopy contrails over SE Portland, Oregon.
I've lived here all my life, and NEVER have I seen so many loopy loops, circles and curved contrails - in a 2 hour time frame. I posted more info about the event on BoT under the UFO topic under the thread called : "Chemtrails - full force Again".

I uploaded this video on DailyMotion HERE
as well as on Youtube HERE

Someone saw my vid and sent me an email saying HE SAW THE SAME THING going on in SEASIDE, OR the same day! I thought it was the day before but he saw it the same day!

**sorry for the few cuss words in the video, but I was really shocked about what I was watching**

Mind you I live VERY close to PDX Airport - so I am positive this was not some Air show. And these were not caused by the wind because I caught them in the ACT of making them. They were either lost, wasting gas, or SPRAYING US.

To top that off, TODAY, Nov 3rd 2007 while outside in my yard, I see a few contrails in a straight path against the brilliant blue sky. However, some contrails made "X's" and I'll be d@mned! I watched / observed yet another WHITE SMALL SPHERE hovering above the one X contrail for close to 20 minutes! I could see it with my eyes, and found it in the binoculars, but only caught a few frames of it on video. It doesn't prove much but at least I know I was not seeing things. AND to top things off this white sphere was VERY similar to the TWO Spheres I watched for close to 30 minutes back on May 30 2007.

If you blink, you could lose sight of it or you may find it suddenly in a different spot within a blink of an eye. They hover and are very still. I rarely see them move - I see clouds or contrails move along but NOT these spheres.
They can go so easily undetected - I said it before, and I'll say it again.. they are VERY elusive lil' buggers! What they are, I have NO clue. Are they OURS or THEIRS?

That last question: ours or theirs -- is a good one. Who is “theirs” anyway? Like the black triangles, chemtrials are a mystery all right. The logical and rational answer is that they’re “ours.” Even so, there are some strange things that don’t add up. Both are global phenomena, both seem to defy known technologies, etc., there’s a large human force behind the manipulation of these events, air space legalities and human subject laws are at issue; all just for starters. None of these things negates the likelihood that they’re “ours” but it makes it all that much stranger.

Here are the links Cindy PDX mentions in her post:

I’ve seen these circular ones as well; not very often, but I have seen them. Also ones that are “elbowed,” X’s, etc.

West Coast Chemtrails Forum

There’s a forum dedicated to chemtrail activity on the West Coast (and everywhere) on Yahoo. It’s actually one I started a few years ago but turned it over to a new moderator, “mirakulu” who is doing a very good job. Lots of activity over there. The link is on the menu on your right; look for Yahoo forums, West Coast Chemtrails.

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