Friday, November 23, 2007

A Nice E-mail from Ed Komarek

I received a nice email from Ed Komarek , regarding some of my past articles on American Chronicle.

I have a new piece up now,

Desire to Debunk,
inspired by the Monster Quest Godzilla! episode.)

Great to see you posting about on the Chronicle. Just wanted to say hi. I assume you have seen my articles on the Chronicle also.

I would like to say that it is not arrogant of us to suppose we can understand ETs motives and agendas. There is a huge body of evidence out on the Internet as well as in every-bodies back yard if they really want to spend a lifetime digging into it all as I have.


I’ve written a few pieces on both the Disclosure Movement and Exopolitics. I can’t be irritated with those who might make assumptions about what I “believe” about these two topics, because I acknowledge I’m not sure what I think.

When it comes to both topics, I’m an observer, rather than an observer-participant. I’m at a distance; I find both topics interesting of course, and I understand their importance and part within the context of UFOlogy.

I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with either. I think both are well meaning; after all, what’s wrong with wanting to establish positive relationships, or get the government to own up? Nothing.

With exo-politics, I do think we assume much; maybe it’s arrogant, maybe it isn’t. Maybe at times it is, other times it’s not so much arrogant as naive. I think that some of those heavily involved in exopolitics too readily believe the messenger -- sure, it’s an alien, but what kind? Just because it says it’s from Mars, doesn’t mean it is from Mars.

As far as Disclosure goes, good luck, I have a very hard time believing that the government -- any government -- will ever let the public know all there is to know about UFOs, flying saucers, aliens, the Face on Mars, or ET civilizations on the Moon. It’s a naive, wasted effort. Except.

Except that, being a squeaky wheel is subversive. Being subversive in this context is a good thing. And little bits get eked out to us here and there, thanks to the efforts of those who are willing to painstakingly go through the hoops one goes through to get information released. (like John Greenwald of Black Vault, etc.) Going after these things is at least well meaning, and who knows? Something could “give” at any time.

So, while I may think, in a slightly unintentional condescending way, that dogged pursuit of exopolitics and disclosure is misguided (for the most part) I’m not “against” the work. It doesn’t bother me, and I’m not into attacking, as many UFO researchers and writers seem to do, those that follow this path.

For the most part, (there are exceptions of course and that’s for another time) those who are active in these areas are honest and well meaning, and are just trying, like most of us, to make sense out of things.

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