Sunday, November 25, 2007


As always, amazing how quickly Sunday comes back around . . .

I hope your holiday was a good one. Ours was. Very nice this year.

Zorgy Awards
Well, I'm still reeling from the fact The OrangeOrb wasn't nominated. I know, it's unbelievable, isn't it? But the good news is, now you realize the importance of nominating me early on for next year. And while we're at it, nominate Vintage UFO as well. Don't forget now! (Of course, I was a dunce and didn't think of nominating myself; you can be sure I'll be so shameless as to do that for next year.)

Trickster's Realm: Binnall of America
My new Trickster's Realm should be up sometime tomorrow on Binnall of America. This week's column is something of an extension of the item I wrote on Vintage UFO about the Nick Redfern/Ray Fowler interview in the October issue of UFO Magazine, and what I call the "medley of weirdness" -- all those accounts of high strangeness that contain seemingly diverse, unconnected elements of weird.

Lesley: Grey Matters
Speaking of Binnall, Lesley's Grey Matters this week is very good, on disclosure, Hoagland, and how one presents oneself. Impressing the Press
Next time you're over there, check out my Listomania Lists and book reviews. I just wrote one on Peter Guittilla's Bigfoot Files book, which I enjoyed very much.


I ordered Captured! (Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden's book on the Barney and Betty Hill abduction) it should arrive in the next day or two. Right now I'm reading Red Moon, which so far, is very good. It's holding my attention, and the writing is good. As I told co-author Daniel Brenton, sometimes with genre fiction the writing isn't very good; the stories may be okay, but the writing isn't anything special.


I'm having lots of fun with Vintage UFO and Women in Esoterica. But I'm changing the name of the Women in Esoterica blog to something else, don't know what yet. I'm open to suggestions. (Thanks Alfred Lehmberg, who suggested a couple.) You can go over there and vote, or leave a comment. Frame 352 is still going; just a bit slow lately but more to come soon.

Desire to Debunk
Over on American Chronicle is my recent piece: Desire to Debunk, inspired by the recent Monster Quest! Birdzilla episode and the giant bird kite routine.

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