Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weather Modification

A bit clinical and not any of that fun juicy esoterica stuff but it’s worth reading for the facts of the thing:

Bills on weather modification -- and it’s more than just making it rain more so the crops can grow.

The article addresses two new bills that don't answer to any oversight committees ... and mentions that there are over fifty weather modification programs in the U.S. right now. Peterson also mentions Dyn a mat, the company that can stop hurricanes.

Like UFOs, though of course there’s always a danger of sending this into kook land whenever one uses UFOs in the same arena as anything else, chemtrails are here. Look up! What they are, why they are -- those are other questions.

Some things I have no patience for, and don’t bother arguing, debating or “discussing” -- UFOs are one, chemtrails are another. Before I decide to expend my energy with another on these topics, we have to, at the very least, agree that they exist in the first place.

By the way, I’m not suggesting UFOs have anything to do with chemtrails, so don’t go there. (Although they share similarities, more of which I’ll write on later.)

It gets down to this: there are things up there that shouldn’t be, and they’re doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

As always, I refer you as well to Colin Bennett’s article
Chemtrails: A Fortean View on the topic of chemtrails.

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