Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Orb Roundup

The holidays are almost over; New Year's is left. Hope everyone had a safe and good Christmas/Solstice holiday.


In my ever expanding blog world, I have a new blog: The Skeptoid Zone.

I've been a lot more active on My Space with my OrangeOrb over there. I think I'll continue with it after all.

I really like what's going on over at Women Of Esoterica; having co-bloggers/authors is really nice. Lesley, Richelle and Kithra are great; I enjoy having the variety of articles and items.

Signal to Noise
Busy with various projects; including the next round in Daniel Brenton's Signal to Noise project. This one is about the Contactees. My second response should be up on Vintage UFO in a couple of days.

Gordon Kaswell

Gordon is an interesting person (UFO researcher and muscian) who's done unique -- and important - research on UFOs. There's much more to come on this, including a piece on him in a future issue of UFO Magazine.

Oregon UFO articles

Two items up on American Content on the Trent UFO case. I'm plugging this because it's a paying site; the more clicks, the more you get paid. With the .33 cents I've earned so far, I can finally retire in France. After all, we're all in the UFO field just for the money you know.


Reading The Yowie by Tony Healy and . Still reading Captured! Both are interesting; The Yowie is very well put together and it's an enjoyable read. Recently finished Peter Guittilla's Bigfoot Files, which I enjoyed very much. And, still reading Red Moon, the book Daniel Brenton co-wrote with David S. Michaels.


Ray said...

At one time you were looking for a new title for your Women of Esoterica blog. I had suggested "The Other Woman." Maybe you took that the wrong way. My title was a play on words: The Other(worldly) Woman.


R. Lee said...

Hi Ray,

I didn't take it wrong, very clever, and thanks for the suggestion. No, we just went with something still pretty bland, just a bit different.