Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Dunno . . .

You might have noticed I haven't been posting much recently. A lot of reasons; feeling that crud thing going around, MRSA infection, work, and the New Year. I don't know why, but the New Year thing always gets me down. I don't like it. No matter how crappy the old year was, I don't want to let it go. Or maybe I expect too much from the beginning of the New Year; yet it stays the same. I don't know what I expect, January isn't even over and we have eleven months to go. I dunno . . . can we say "ambivalent?"

Trickster's Realm
Anyway, I feel myself getting back to normal. Look for my new Trickster's Realm column to go up sometime tomorrow on Binnall of America. The article is about We TV's program Alien Abductions: True Confessions.

New Blog
Yes, it's true. Trickster Northwest, focusing on UFO and paranormal things in the Pacific Northwest.

Dana Howard

Synchronicity is still happening around Dana Howard. Co-blooger Richelle Hawks over at Women Of Esoterica found this tee-shirt. She also mentioned to me she found a signed edition of a book by contactee Dana Howard; I'm jealous! I recently bought one of her books as well; I found it on eBay. And more synchronicity; it was the only Dana Howard book listed on eBay, and the bookseller was right here in Eugene, about two miles away from me. Somethings telling me to pursue this, I think.

With MP3 players, CD drives, and software. Nothing at all to do with the paranormal or UFOs unless you think my laptop is haunted, or being controlled by MIBS from their remote location inside an unmarked, black helicopter. Nope, just had to share. I have a Mac, believed the computer geeks who insisted the SanDisck would play on my Mac, which it didn't, even after the Lepoard upgrade, now the CD drive is acting snooty. Sigh.


Lesley said...

I think your new year woes are quite obvious when reading that last paragraph. Nothing on earth is more irritating than computer problems. If you are not feeling well too that is an overload.

We expect too much from the new year and when it starts out bad or not so great there is that nagging thought that the whole year will be that way. I imagine we have all been there.

I know how you feel. I hope things look up soon!

Regan Lee said...

Thanks Lesley. It's a beautiful day here, nicest one in a long time, and I went for a walk. One of my NY resolutions. Instead of driving to the store, I walked. That helped. And, in the scheme of things, where people have REAL problems, mine don't amount to much.

Lisa A. Shiel said...


I just read your Trickster's Realm article about the We TV series "Alien Abductions: True Confessions." I loved it! I especially love your title for the piece. I won't say what it is because people should scoot on over the BOA to find out!

I hope We keeps the series going. It's fascinating to hear the experiencer telling her own story, without a lot of nonsense thrown into the mix. Believe the stories or not, but at least listen.

A final digression:
I think computers have tiny trolls living in them that like nothing better than to screw up your computer's synapses at the worst possible moment. We need anti-troll software! :-)

Backyard Phenomena Investigations

Ray said...


Is part of your lack of interest and energy due to the time of year, overcast winter weather and short days? I know I'd make a good poster child for SAD.


Morgaine said...

HI - I'm a little late with this, but if you're still having problems with your mac and you want to make it friendlier, name it after someone or something you love. Sounds silly, but computers have a sort of "manitou" that responds to affection.