Sunday, February 17, 2008

Around the Orb

Blog News

Trickster Northwest; I've added a link list of other blogs and sites that discuss paranormal things in their states. So far I only have Oklahoma and New Mexico, but I'll be adding more.

The Skeptoid Zone has been renamed to avoid confusion with Skeptoid blogs, etc. of which there seems to be a few of. It's now called Chronic Skepticism.

Farah Yurdozu

I'm very pleased to announce that Farah Yurdozu has joined Women Of Esoterica and is now a contributor to our blog. There are now five female contributors: Richelle Hawks, Lesley, Kithra, myself and Farah.

Binnall of America
Be sure to read all the columns on Binnall of America, and listen to the interviews! Tim always has great guests on.
As I mentioned here previously, I didn't comment on the Stephenvill UFOs until very recently, where I wrote The Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings: The Trickster And The Aftermath for Trickster's Realm on BOA.

Invisible Aliens

I wrote about some of my experiences with invisible aliens on UFO Digest. I expanded this and a related article will appear in the issue after next of UFO Magazine.

I received a nice email from a woman in her seventies who said she's experienced the same thing her whole life.

These things, this phenomena, have been around us for centuries upon centuries. Why we continue to deny this is the real mystery.

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