Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Night Visitor

This is a snapshot of a painting I did in 1994. It's called "Night Visitor on Sherbourne Dr." which is the name of the street I lived on in Los Angeles between the ages of about five until I was fourteen.

The painting is acrylic, on Masonite. It's about 30 by 30 but I'll have to dig it out and check. I realize it isn't the best image, I did this quickly, using my built in Mac camera on to take an image of the image. . .I'll try to put something up that's better later on.

But I found this interesting, I'd forgotten about this painting. At the same time I did another painting of these dancing type stick figures with oval heads (no faces) "dancing" in the little entry way of my childhood home on Sherbourne.

Hmmm...the subconscious and its images. Memory and dreams.

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