Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Oh yes they do!"

I was visiting with my friend "Lola" the other day. Things almost always turn esoteric very quickly when we get together. Lola is my friend who lives in the coastal range; the one with a family full of paranormal encounters: ghosts, entities, psi, Bigfoot, UFOs . . .

Anyway, we were talking about UFOs and aliens and related things, and she shared with me that someone she knows in her small town used to live in the south, where, according to this person, they saw UFOs almost every day. Everyone was seeing them. But no on was talking about them. This person said the military was always hanging around, glaring at people and buying them drinks to get them drunk to keep them talking, or to stop them from talking, I forget which. Lola couldn't remember where in Florida this took place. "Gulf Breeze?!" I asked excitedly. "No, it wasn't Gulf Breeze," Lola said. Hmmm.

Lola said to her friend that UFOs are incredible, we just don't have the technology to make these things. "Oh yes they do!" her friend said vehemently. For her friend used to live on a military base. Then there was lots of juicy stuff about near MIB encounters and other weirdness.

"Lola," I said, firmly. "You have to put me in contact with this person!" I paused. "You must!"

Lola of course knew that, and so, we'll see if I can meet this person and find out more.

This conversation had me thinking about a common UFO meme; that we don't have the technology to do the things many UFOs do. How do we know that? We don't. It does seem fantastic, but not impossible. What "they" know, we only get to know years -- decades -- later. If at all. Der. In a moment of synchronicity, I came across something today about Nick Redfern's views on the Phoenix Lights event. He thinks it was a staged event by us, not aliens. I wouldn't be surprised.

I still believe there are aliens around, and that they're even here, but that doesn't exclude the government's participation in all this, not for a minute. Half the stuff we see and experience are thanks to our covert individuals, not aliens or other non-human entities. Which is almost as scary as accepting that UFOs, missing time, and all the other UFO weirdness are caused by extraterrestrials. Which is scarier: ET, or our own government(s) using us as guinea pigs? And why do so many of us within UFO studies reject the latter possibility?

Meanwhile, I'll wait for Lola's friend to contact me.

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